“What seemed profoundly important to me seemed of no importance whatsoever to most people, and what seemed important to so many people seemed trivial to me.” Derrick Jensen — The Culture of Make Believe

The End of Modern Times

Heavy eh? I see that through total inaction to address global poisoning/warming we are seeing the collapse of the ecosystem that all life, including ours, is in dire jeopardy. Youth activist, Greta Thunberg has laid it all on the line. She’s looking at a bleak future. I’m now seeing what I was taught back in the early 70’s as I finished high school and went to college for three semesters. [class of ’72] Back then it was in the public school’s curricula and I’m guessing sometime latter it was dropped because of pressure from energy corporations. Pity. I’m seeing it, why can’t others? Greta’s seeing it and she’s only 16 with a daunting future in the balance.

Saving the World

So how can the youth go about saving the world? First and foremost capitalism must end! Then the militaries of the nations, especially the US’s, must reduce their use of fossil fuels. The US fights wars procuring oil to feed their beast, the military. US commerce along with millions of cars depends on oil. Then there’s the electric grid. The task is quite daunting. But just cutting back, by civilians, won’t be enough to avoid the inevitable collapse. So I see a major collapse of the world’s economies. It will be ugly. I’ve read up on collapses of the past and they’re always ugly.

Wrap Up

I’m tiring. I’m still facing euthanizing my beloved kitty in a few days. Her tumor is now outside her beautiful body. I have been giving her pain medicine and when it runs out I’m facing a really bad couple of days. I don’t attach to people. I attach to my pets. My dog as a kid and cats during my adult life. Isis is my fourth cat, and I love her. Every loss kills me. I may adopt another cat, probably in short time because of loneliness. So if I miss writing for a few days you’ll know why. I have a few followers, which for me is more than I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a loner. I don’t interact well. Maybe I’m a bit on the spectrum as they say these days, so what? I can dig it, just as I am, with a cat, of course. Peace, The Ol’ Sad Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”