Wednesday~Seas & CT’s

“Our oceans are at risk of becoming death zones, and if they die so do we. Carbon Dioxide is the prime ingredient of ocean acidification which dissolves the calcium in countless shells of marine animals. They are at risk of dying off and CO2 emissions are the reason why.” J Allen

Edit: I’m adding something of interest as to the climate change were all are hearing about these days. Yesterday in Albuquerque, New Mexico we set a record high of 96F for September 8th. Today we are going to set a record low of 48-50F for our high. A 48–50F difference in one day! So tell me our climate isn’t totally unstable. Congress? Chirp, chirp…. I found an article about the fires in California today. We have also had some forest fires here in NM. From CounterPunch \/ link

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Seas & CT’s

Well today I go get a special CT scan to map out my chest cavity for my upcoming radiation therapy, an effort to stem the new cancerous growth in my right lung. I already have had half my left lung removed back in November of ’08. I am unable to undergo another surgery, I probably wouldn’t survive the ordeal this time around. It was unequivocally the most unpleasant, painful event in my life. I wouldn’t wish this ordeal on anyone. Such is the risk one takes by smoking cigarettes. My health is faltering. So are Earth’s oceans, the focus of my short report today. We collectively are also causing the oceans ill health. By — imagine that — burning fossil fuels. To power our industrial society.

Smoking kills. Either on an individual scale, such as myself, or the world’s oceans as CO2 emissions change the ocean’s chemistry for the worse. Lungs or oceans the chemistry is affected by smoking. Either way is a loss.

I found a good story about ocean acidification the killer of our oceans. So the seas give us life. They give us oxygen. The coral reefs are fully 25% of the shallows of the world’s oceans. And they are dying off. Equivalent to losing all the forests of North, Central, and South America combined. So I leave you inquiring folks with the link to a fine story on our oceans. And I’ll get scanned and mapped for my radiation therapy. Stay safe, Peace, The Ol’ Hippy \/link

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