“Face it, the party’s over, what was, will never be again. A new “normal” will emerge with many tinges of dystopia to implode upon our consciousnesses to a point of complete despair. Some will indeed weather this storm until the inevitable ecological collapse breaks the whole civilization apart shattered beyond all repair. The real storm clouds formed this year, yet, the lightening hasn’t struck, barely saved, as winter sets in. How dark it gets is the only question left to answer.” J Allen

Lightening & Crumbs

Jamie Attfield~Unsplash


I see Congress has outdone itself by offering up a few crumbs to keep the masses at bay while the c-virus pandemic gorges itself upon unsuspecting Americans just trying to stay afloat when work in many cases is non-existent. Some of those livelihoods are lost forever. The entertainment and service industries have been especially hard hit. I’m sorta surprised that there still is some newly produced movies and TV shows. Even the President was calling Congress on the carpet for the crumbs offered up. I was hoping for another $1,200 myself as my savings is slowly vanishing.

Will a bill be signed in time to save things? Who knows? I hope so or Ol’ Sleepyhead will have a real mess come January 20th. I don’t care what the news people say out in corporate(MSM) Disneyland, the people are just barely hanging on by their fingernails.


The magic of modern medicine has now given us two vaccines to fight ol’ mister nasty, the c-virus with! It will take a while to get enough distributed around the world to start to stem the tide of infection growth among the peoples of Earth. I’m going to wait a while before I line up for mine. I want to see some results after several months of distribution. It won’t save the economic collapse I see in the blowing winds. Remember the collapse started last September 17th when the Fed started floating huge short-term loans to the financial industry. The was going on well ahead of any c-virus hysteria.


Just when will the lightening start striking at the economy? When will it double down on the environment already stressed beyond any humanly repair? Perhaps the two will be struck at once toppling the whole apple cart down the hill of no return, maybe even oblivion. I can’t wait, the suspense is killing me, slowly. The whole affair is disaster in super-slow-motion, captured with the finest, hi-def, very high frame, rate cameras. Some folks ask for specifics. There are no specifics when Universe is concerned, just probabilities out of the ever present chaos. Universe is indifferent to our humanly maid travails. And just like guessing about where/when lightening will hit in what specific time frame is a fools errand.

When younger I had several brushes with lightening myself. And I can tell you when a big bolt hits close by, it’s scary as all fuck! I’ve been out on a golf course, I’ve been high atop rock climbs, when lightening struck very close by. You can smell the ozone it cooked out of the air. That’s what’s coming to humanity. The cooking will be slow, like now, until it isn’t. And I’m one in a small minority that understands the magnitude of what’s waiting when the permafrost thaws enough to release the stored methane into the atmosphere. That lightening has already struck several times. And there’s no stopping it now. The cork in the bottle that lets methane escape has vanished into the ether of nothingness.


Congress is, again, screwing the people it’s supposed to represent that we we all taught in school. Of course we all know that was a whopper. It was to make us ‘believe’ in the system. Yes the system that works for the better half. The ones with the cake. We’re the ones with crumbs.

I do hope you all have a Happy Christmas. It’s still my favorite holiday. I really like the Christian mythos, the story of a savoir for humankind. Many times I’ve watched the midnight mass by the Pope from the Vatican. I like the chants and swinging smoke. I wonder at all the work that went into building such a luxurious place to worship a God. I’m a atheist, but I still like the story and most of those people who work, play by the rules, and still get screwed over by a nasty c-virus the the government denied, like Ol’ Judas buddy, that there was a problem. That could have saved over a hundred thousand lives at least. There will be coal in their stockings come Christmas morn. That is, if poor Ol’ Santa has found a place to relocate because the North Pole is almost melted. May you all be kind and stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”