“Every conception of history is invariably accompanied by a certain experience of time which is implicit in it, conditions it, and thereby has to be elucidated. Similarly, every culture is first and foremost experience of time, and no new culture is possible without an alteration in this experience.” Giorgio Agamben~Infancy and History

A New History Has Begun

First, I’m a pacifist. I think that US imperialism is a curse on the world and needs to end. The military machine of the US, or the MIC(military, industrial, complex) in totality, needs to be drawn down in great numbers and has to be used on rebuilding nations that they have been used to destroy over the many years of my life. However there’s a situation in Syria where US forces have been reassigned to areas away from the SW Syrian border that was protecting US allies, the Kurds. The Kurd’s were instrumental in defeating ISIL(ISIS); the renegade, murderous, yahoos that have beheaded journalists, destroyed countless ancient artifacts, enslaved women and children, destroyed lives in general, atrocity embodied in human form, or evil, as it were. They were an outlet of disenfranchised Iraqis that were products if the illegal Iraq invasion of 03-‘03 by US and allied forces to topple Suddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. So this original shitstorm metastasized into a bunch of jihadist’s originally recruited by the CIA to overthrow the al-Assad of Syria with a civil war as cover for another illegal, covert, operation. ISIL came forth from the so called, “moderate” rebels. Arms were funneled from the fallen Libyan state destroyed by UN forces in a sort of coup that killed Muammar al-Gaddafi and turned the best Northern African nation, Libya, into a failed state as of today.

No Wars

That said above I want to say that wars don’t need to happen, but they do. Maybe humans are destined to go extinct. I don’t know, but without a paradigmatic shift in consciousness that will probably happen. Collectively we as a species of Earth should be working on the real disaster on global poisoning/heating(warming). The climate crisis worsens every year. Yet border squabbles such as at the Syrian border or Yemen are all that dominate worldly news. Here at home squabbles over corruption as Ukrainegate of recent times subvert the real emphasis needed for the planetary emergency now unfolding in real time. Yet…here we are squabbling over whether ol Biden buddy or Trump fool is more corrupt. I don’t give a shit. Start doing real things to save our species!! Quit tousling like children, grow up, and start behaving as an adult species should and save Earth and her children. Stop warring for shit’s sake. Quit looting American taxpayers for counterproductive wars. We’re not safer these days since the September 11,’01 attacks. Trillions spent and we’re not as fucking safe. I will leave a link below for a video against war.

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”