“Even though I’m a high risk person I won’t be getting *vaccinated* with any of the biological, experimental human agents known as the *vaccines*. I distinguish these from actual vaccines by the> *’s. Like for polio, measles, pneumonia, etc. The COVID-19(hence,c-virus) vaccine is still in the experimental phase on a worldwide stage. I want my immune system to be free to fight my lung cancer. The *vaccine* ties up the immune system for one specific agent — the c-virus — and thus it isn’t free enough to fight other diseases that are always out there, like food born illness, for example — food poisoning.”

“I’ve been waiting for some data to come in for the actual results on the experiment. Besides the deaths reported on the corporate(MSM) media — a few from the Johnson & Johnson *vaccine* — there’s little actual info from the MSM news. I want to put some info out for my readers.” J Allen

Info Time~The Real

I have finally accumulated some articles with some actual info on the c-virus *vaccine*, some results are indeed, disturbing. I will not submit to the experimental agent. It’s just too new and its efficacy, though touted as good in the MSM and the(lying) high priest, Dr Fauci, is highly suspect. The c-viruses in general are very hard to develop vaccines for because of constant mutations. The common cold is a c-virus variant. They have tried to develop a vaccine for the cold and the results are fruitless.

So why are governments promoting the *vaccines* as a way back to normality? Are they in on the ‘action’, the massive profits the makers will put in offshore accounts, away from the taxman? It makes me wonder what’s really up. So I went through some items this morning and some of the results are disturbing. I’m sure profit is the primary motive of these *vaccines* and the governments are complicit in rushing them to be used on the world’s citizens as a grand experiment. They are just too new to be considered safe or even effective for fighting all the strains that have mutated from the original c-virus identified at the end of 2019.

My Opinion

I think the c-virus was created in a lab. It is an off shoot of SARS-CoV-1, which I suspect was also created on a lab. It is less deadly but far more virulent than the #1 variety. The new mutations are even more virulent. Meaning that they spread trough the air. Someone coughs or sneezes and if you breathe the droplets in or get them in your eyes you, most likely, will get the disease. The same reason colds or measles are so contagious. They are airborne viruses. It may be part of what’s called the ‘great reset’, by the oligarchs of the world. It may be a way to get rid of the old and infirm. I mostly stay home. I always wear a mask when I go out and glasses. I’ve worn glasses since 7th grade.

The release of the c-virus in China back in the fall of ’19 was the first phase of the ‘experiment’. The *vaccines* are phase 2. There may be more variants of the ‘experiment’ in the future. It remains to be seen yet. Of course I could be wrong. The ‘net is full of crap and I may have stumbled into a dark hole, or holes, of misinformation but with careful considerations I believe what I think is true, probably is.


I want to leave you all with various links to read articles as you see fit. Some are technical, some are longer than others. But they get away from the MSM. Some have even been highly repressed so If the link doesn’t work, I’m sorry, it’s been repressed by the ‘powers that be’. They don’t want any(real) info standing in the way of profits. Just like what I wrote about last week during Earth Week; profit, and too many people, are behind the global poisoning/warming/climate change — crisis. Just remember to consider what you may be subjecting a child to for a *vaccine* that’s untested on children. I would say not to get vaccinated if under 30–40 years old and I normally don’t recommend concrete actions to my readers. I do encourage activism and writing representative in Congress. There is a difference. If I had a young kid I would not let them get a *vaccine*. The other vaccines for diseases such as measles, sure, the c-virus one, No Way.

Remember to be kind to one another and your families. Stay safe and disease free by being careful. Peace The Ol’ Hippy \/ links below \/

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Peace, All

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