“We are poised on the precipice of calamity, the polar ice is melting at far faster rates than even believed as little as six or seven years ago. The North Polar Cap may be gone by 2030, if not sooner.” J Allen


I’m tired as I have just returned from my first radiation treatment for a new, small spot of lung cancer in my right lung this time. In ’08 it was a good sized tumor in my left lung. That was worse, by far. This does tucker me out though so I’m going to post some links this week of note and rest and read my books more.

The fact that lots of folks aren’t alarmed more on the polar caps melting is somewhat amazing. I know corporate(MSM) media ignores global heating but that doesn’t keep it from happening. A good sized portion of the Northern Cap was mostly slush the year. Greenland is losing ice rapidly as is Antarctica. As the ‘Wicked Witch’ said, “I’m melting”. So here’s two links one about the rapid rise in ocean heat that’s causing some of the problems, the other, trees. I’ll try to get other links for important developments this week. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy \/:link below

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