“The world’s on fire and no one in any position of power cares. I pity those that have young children that will have to explain to them that the world they were ill advised to be born into will be a literal living hell. I see no way whatsoever of things improving for at least five centuries or even longer. It’s baked in the cake, so to speak. Any inhabited area less than 5 meters above present day sea levels is no longer viable property; for at least a thousand years. Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa, most of it anyway, will be uninhabitable by century’s end. It’s time to count our immediate blessings and mourn our loss, Earth, our only home. J Allen


So all I can do is write about what I see and report. It helps me stay sane in an upside down, absurd world. Living within a capitalist system has certainly taken its toll on me. Coping skills are still lacking. My drinking days have to end for now as I’m trying to get through my dad’s estate mess and come out with something other than grief and headaches.


Enough of my woes. I’m not voting because it’s pointless. I’ve almost become a hardcore nihilist, but, not quite. I still want to read, a purpose that gives me meaning. Simple? Sure, but it’s what gets me by in these dark dreadful days. My cantankerous cat keeps me company. I have tons of shows on my streaming services, for nighttime viewing.

I may get a nicer pad after after my inheritance settles. And I will get a car out of the deal. A necessary evil as I see it. It only adds to the world’s growing crisis of over-consumption and extravagance. I will still live as simply as I can. Even if I could go buy a hemi Challenger, my dream car, I wouldn’t. It would make me a big ass hypocrite.

OK, I’m bummed about lots of things. I want to leave one link about the rainforest in the Amazon basin. Robert has good info on global warming’s devastation. Stay safe all. Peace The Ol’ Hippy \/ link below

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”