“The vaccine revolution is upon us. Just like all the other revolutions promising utopia or a panacea is it even a viable defense against the c-virus,(my term for both the COVOD-19 disease and the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself)? My guess is maybe. Because corona viruses are constantly mutating. Just like the common cold or flu. And just like the flu vaccine I’m guessing we’ll need a new c-virus vaccine every so often, or sooner.” J Allen


My burning question: Is the new vaccine roll-out the savior for our species? Can we even get the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine here in the US? I might trust it more than the profit monster’s creations of big Pharma. Can we really trust any of them that have been rushed into production without further testing to see even a slightly longer term outcome to the vaccines? I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’ve been getting the flu vaccine for years even though I still got the flu back in ’12. I still got pneumonia back in ’09. I keep up on those vaccines also. So the efficacy of even the tested, safe, vaccines is a crap shoot at best.


I remember when the polio vaccine was released. No profit for Jonas Salk, he wanted to save people of Earth from a crippling or even deadly disease. Of course I was a small 4 year old kid and trusted my folks to do what was right. Even as more varied vaccines became available I received the ones I needed. Usually I had had the disease before the vaccine. The mumps, a really bad case of measles, chicken pox, all before I was 5; hepatitis A, back in ’88, and several bad cases of flu, the worst being called the Russian(swine, maybe?) flu back in ’79.

I lost my job because I was too sick to go in. A friend came by and helped me into his truck, took me to his pad and watched me for four fever dreaming, delusional days. My lungs gave me problems most of that year from that nasty flu. My friends an I dubbed it the “lung rot” because as we coughed up greenish gook we felt like our lungs were rotting. So when the c-virus gets you, you may die. Dawn Wells, of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ fame as Mary Ann, died last December from the c-virus. Many other notable actors and musicians as well. It gets old people. Which is why I think it’s an engineered virus to rid the world of the old to save paying SS and Medicare. My little version of a conspiracy. To rid the world of my radical ass.

So how will this massive roll-out play out? Will it save the way of living we knew last January, ’20, or will we devolve from there? I’m going with the latter.


I’ve looked at the science of the Moderna vaccine and it appears sound. That doesn’t mean it will be safe in the long run. So as of now I’ll hold off on getting vaccinated. I can stay home, get my stuff delivered, make Bezos even more wealthy because as deplorable as Amazon is to their help they have a good product and an amazing movie library on their streaming service. One of my guilty indulgences.

Oops. Wrong Photo Below. I don’t know how to delete it. The doctors are on a rampage apparently.-;)



I just want people to feel and be safe. For the time being anyway. I am making it clear that to get vaccinated is entirely your choice. I’m waiting for a while because I can. I’ll wear my masks. I have a decent supply now after the shortages from early last year. My paper products are stocked up again too. I have a 2+ month supply of cat food. And due to storage space limitations I have about a month of my food. ’Cause ya never know when things will go crazy again but they surely will. Most likely worse next time too. Be kind to everyone and stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”