“Since I now know that voting is utterly pointless, I, again, won’t be watching the pep squad antics of the DNC Convention this week or any week whatsoever. It’s as pointless as voting. It’s spectacle, plain and simple, with no real content with any meaning for actual working Americans.” J Allen

A Quick Assessment

So just in case anybody hasn’t “got it”, the real progressives are being muffled into silent oblivion. Or to use a George Carlin meme, “we’re being fucked, we’re not in their establishment club”, paraphrased. Forget about healthcare, education, or even the economy which is straining at the seams to stay afloat in these dark times of the pandemic.

Did they say anything to reassure Americans that they, ‘have your back’? Was there any mention of rent or mortgage moratoriums? Not that I could tell from any of the material I viewed this morning. The Post Office was mentioned. Help was needed! Yes, they need some fiscal help, but actual people? I didn’t see a thing about helping the struggling Americans.

What a waste of valuable energy to put on what amounts to a pep rally for the election of a class(clown) President. This faction is all-in on not Trump. I’m sure the GOP next week will be all-in on not, “Sleepy Joe”. Yawn. I may watch a debate or two just for the entertainment value to see two old men go at each other in fits and starts of delusional dementia. Regardless of who wins the US Empire machine will continue chugging along destroying Earth’s capacity to support life.

I’m sure policy concerning global poisoning/heating will be delegated to basement gimp status. I’m wondering what will be said about the pandemic. Is it too to be delegated to gimp status? The antics and festivities, because folks are tired of the same crap every four years, are sure to give Netflix another bump in its streaming ratings. From me at least!

My cynicism has left me tired today. It’s time to read about the fall of civilization. The book, “This Civilization is Finished”, are conversations between authors Rupert Reed and Samuel Alexander. An honest assessment of where we stand today and how short the time is before nothing can be done to avoid a complete collapse. I think it’s baked in the cake already, so to speak. It’s just a matter of when. Reading about coming doom gives me comfort in the strangest ways. I’ll leave a link to a lengthy essay by Nafeez Ahmed detailing the deforestation crisis in the world today. This is what’s actually important. An room elephant that no one sees before the loss of trees brings us all down. I’m sure the conventions could care less. I believe this is what they need to see more, before it’s too late for humankind. Important items such as this are why I’m not wasting my time voting in an election that gives us horrible choices that do nothing to actually help the world. Stay safe all. Be woke, as they say. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy \/ : link below

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”