Critic, Cynic, Satirist “We are all connected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”

Time for Some Thoughts

Ah yes, another President has died and the tribulations over the last few days are nauseating. He was the head of the CIA for shit’s sake. He was a damn Bush. He was well aware of the way crack cocaine was introduced to control blacks and subdue them by sending them to prison. Well guess what? Everybody got hooked on that version of cocaine and imbued a whole generation to a life of despair and squalor.

Yep, good ol’ crack. The drug from hell and I don’t believe in that nonsense. Yep, I was hooked too in part of the 90’s and 00’s. I have been clean of all illegal substances since 02–2007. If there is an evil drug it has to be crack. I’ve seen absolute depravity, first hand, in certain places where it was sold and smoked. I don’t miss any of that crazy existence. There are still many places these days where crack causes death and destruction. Powdered cocaine usually doesn’t result in such absolute relinquishing of human decency. Sure, entire bank accounts and loss of homes, etc, but not seeing moms and their daughters turning tricks, side by side for another hit or food. Enough.

Another observation are that corporate media and the talking heads espousing the darling president’s accomplishments during their lives. They never, ever mention the bad parts or the deaths as a result of their actions. Bush I had plenty. Along side the ending of the cold war(’91) he attacked the Iraqis when they invaded Kuwait. Mind you there were several diplomatic solutions but no the US has to use some of the needlessly produced weaponry from the cold war to show Americans what their taxes bought and paid for. I was impressed myself at the time having a Brian Williams moment watched the bombs over Baghdad that first night on CNN. Then I realized we were at war again. I would never win a peace I so desired. Sigh…

The Sunday morning news shows forced me to change over to lighter fare on the Justice channel to watch real crime. At least that was real, affecting real people here instead of US crimes overseas. All I could see were all the sycophantic musings from the entire assemblies on at least the two networks I tuned in. What a way to come off a three day bender. No, I don’t write while on a drunken binge. Gads, I hate when a president or high level dignitary dies. All the drivel and accolades just never stop. Part of weaving the American dream. Part of making America into Disneyland. Part of rarely seeing where the ‘help’ lives in poverty. Even those are subsumed and enchanted by the spells woven by corporate media and their pundits.

There are those that tell the truth about dead presidents. I won’t list them all but they still exist on the internet. A few: Consortium News; Common Dreams; Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone ; Surviving Capitalism on Blogspot; videos on YouTube like Jimmy Dore. Lee Camp most likely also. So I won’t say what others will say better. Seek and be enlightened.

Our presidents aren’t saints they are tools for capitalism’s vile exploitation by the easiest, cheapest way possible. If that means destroying a state, by all means use the CIA, which Bush I had direct ties, do so. There are few ways to distinguish the difference at times between the administration and the agency under the auspices of the president. Especially when he was a former spymaster, a puppeteer pulling the strings to funnel capital upwards to the ruling class. The Bush dynasty is worth millions or more. They most likely, are part of the ruling class. What better way to rule the to be one of the supreme rulers on the planet? “What we say goes”, indeed. New World Order. September 11,’01 was hatched among these vile despicable individuals.

By the way. There is a picture of Bush I on Dealey Plaza the day that Kennedy was killed by the CIA.(11–22–1963) Yes, connected indeed, sometimes in the most heinous ways possible. The same deep state actors making life miserable for the poor. The CIA is there to do the ‘wet work’ required for the capitalists.

Bush I was the Cheney for Reagan. He was behind Reagan, pulling his chain, making things happen for the B-actor turned president. Seem familiar? Of course we can have a megalomaniac reality TV star as president, it’s been done before. The difference now are we have a religious Dominionist VP and the pres’s son-in-law acting as a direct connection to Israel and the neocons. The most vile, ruthless, imperialists ever. They were in the wings as the cold war ended with evil plans for world domination. Instead of peace with a chance for planetary survival we get cutthroat actors with blood-lust in their veins. Come on, Rome ended almost 2,000 years ago, grow up and act like peaceful humans are supposed to do. Join the crowd. I fear for the survival of our species. I’ve written plenty on that.

As I end my rant I just want to say there has to be a way for continued survival. We need the youth to fight with all they can to affect real change. The Democrats aren’t the answer. They work for the oligarchs. The banks. The IMC. They quit working for Americans in the 60’s after Johnson signed the civil rights and Medicare-Medicaid bills. They didn’t want to pay the taxes to support the workers that they exploit. The neo-liberal schools of economics arose from the ashes of the post Johnson years. The Kennedy’s were taken out because they wanted too many concessions from the capitalists. The New Deal was killed; all that was needed were the ones to implement subservience, complete, utter, subservience, to the capitalists. It’s been down hill for the people and Earth since then. The youth can change this. They have to, for your children and all Earth’s children, otherwise…Peace, The Ol, Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”