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The Follow Up \/

Edit: New death figures put leathality of the C virus at about 4.2% worldwide. About a 2% increase since the first of March. It’s lower in the USA at about 1.1% or so but it’s still early on. End edit.

Well here we are well into a pandemic that has thrown many wrenches into the semiocapital flows of the world’s economy. We stand at the precipice of total economic collapse. We stand to see a lot of fellow humans suffer at the hands of the economic oligarchy. Will there be a capital infusion to help actual workers? Something seriously lacking during the last financial coup of ’08 as Obama bailed out banks, Wall Street, and some businesses with few strings attached. i.e. the banks, for one, of many others. Many are still suffering for the imposed reallocation of priorities from the last meltdown. Are the semiocapital flows set in place beyond human control? That remains to be seen as for now anyway.

Some crucial decisions are needed to save capitalism this go-around with a virus as a vector to break the semioflows of capital. There’s already been a drop in the Dow, for the year, of 28.76%. Not ’08 levels, yet. That’s the question; will it stabilize or continue its downward spiral? Finance and economics are my weakness. I only go by a phenomenological approach, I see trends, and have feelings on the system as a cohesive whole. The assemblage known as flows of capital, now digitized and moving at the speed of light, semiocapital flows, have been severely disrupted buy a lowly virus, most likely a bio-weapon unleashed to affect Chinese economic flows impinging on US dollar’s hegemony of world capital standards of usage and trade. Any attack on the all powerful dollar will get a swift and severe response from the US govt protecting the capitalists they serve. I have posted links of valid arguments to support my claims as to the C virus(COVID-19) and its origin.

A Battle or War?

Make no mistake, we are at war with a virus. It matters not who made it or where exactly it came from now. The genies are out of the bottles. So containment and testing, along with life support systems are what’s needed now.

China has a massive production system now in place making respirators, selling them to as many as they can make. Here in the US makers still need time to ramp up tooling for production to begin. I give them credit for trying but they are 6 months too late to the ballgame, so to speak. We are still woefully short of sanitary supplies, masks, gloves, gowns, all the accoutrements of quality care whilst protecting the care workers from contagion. I asked my maids yesterday where they got their masks. Seems there’s thriving black market in medical supplies. I looked on Amazon at the first of March and prices on masks were rising fast. I fear looking today. Even toilet paper is bare on store shelves these days. Go figure. I still have some food.


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