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An Early Post

Well from my headline, I’m pissed. I usually have the Today Show on when I awake. All we heard about was the ‘dark circus’ of the sham of a delay to seat that lying asshole, alcoholic; Kavanaugh. I’ve known all along that he will be seated. If a pussy grabbing presidential candidate can win the election then a drunk privileged fratboy, with an alleged sexual assault, then he can be seated on the highest court. No wonder the US is so fucked these days. To watch TV it would seem to be all rainbows and unicorns fueling the American Dream. Well it’s time the Wake The Fuck Up! A big portion of Americans are still hurting from the recession that stole $trillions from Americans and ripped their lives to shreds. The dream is now a dystopian nightmare.

A side note: I ordered the book I referred to Tuesday.(Censorship) I’m finishing Baudrillard today. I’ll read one other book, as yet undecided, then I’ll launch 100% into the attacks of September 11.’01. By then I’ll have several books on the topic, especially the new one. More later.


What the ‘news’ seems to be avoiding is how National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are shredding treaties and agreements right & left. First Trump breaks the JCPOA(Iran Nuke deal). Now the threat of war is very real. Common Dreams(online) had a very good article about what the terrible twosome is doing to destroy world peace.(I would suggest reading it.) VP Mike Pence is supposed to declare China as our new #1 enemy. Sorry Russia, the Steele dossier and Russia-gate has just about been played out. Time for a ‘new’ improved enemy to threaten with all sorts of new sanctions and tariffs and assorted nasty shit. And the war of terror is still being played out around the world. It has certainly gotten its money’s worth from American taxpayers. I ask; why no mention of this on national news? They’re still hand wringing and talking about the ‘dark circus’ of last week. That asshole Kavanaugh WILL be seated, mark my words. His seat was guaranteed before Justice Kennedy retired. Repeal of Roe v Wade was part of this grand plan made behind closed doors.

He was destined for greatness, he went to Yale. Please notice how many high level govt officials come from Yale. The courts, CIA, presidents, many others, have come from Yale. I swear they train govt criminals for US Empire. Recall the the Bush dynasty all went to Yale. Prescott, Bush I’s father had all sorts of financial dealings with the Nazi’s before they went off script and attacked Great Brittan. In fact many US industrial capitalists had dealings with the Nazi’s AND the US at the same time. They made millions off WW II and its aftermath. Don’t believe all the shit they tell you in school.

The ‘real’ info is there if you want to look it up. The PC has revolutionized research. What used to take weeks searching musty stacks at university libraries is just a few keystroke away these days. One day now = 2 weeks or more in the ‘olden days’. Without my PC I’d never have learned half of what I know these days. Books too, help immensely. Careful choosing of books have big payoffs. Beware, there’s a lot of crap out there written just to make money. I have several piles of these. I’m guessing Yale won’t train in the same way as I do to winnow out ‘truths’. They are anathema to my views. After all they are training to keep industrial capitalism and Empire alive, to funnel capital away from normal Americans.

I’m a democratic, libertarian, socialist in case you haven’t noticed by now. I believe in the Bill of Rights which has been dismantled piece by piece gradually, over the years. I believe people can do what’s right 90% of the time. Capitalism creates war, poverty, assorted societal ills; these can’t be solved by capitalism. I’m not sure I have all the answers, quit the contrary, O do know the lower 50% of Americans are stuck in an inescapable loop. When working at my best job I’m sure I wasn’t above the 40% or so and that’s because I was single with no kids. I never wanted to marry or have kids. I did have an ol’ lady for a while but, of course, it didn’t work out. I prefer to live alone as i do now with my kitty, Isis.

Side Note: When talking about the 90% of working people I use the word Americans, ya know, real working folks. I use the term US or US govt when relating to the federal government. There’s a big difference from a person and an entity with many, many parts some of which are real people, usually referred to as assholes, or worse. American’s not so people friendly politicians and appointed govt officials. There are some good ones but a lot of rotten ones just out for as much money as possible. Right now I like Tulsi Gabbard, representative from Hawaii and Kristen Gillibrand, senator from New York. She’s working hard for women’s rights, and Tulsi, a former soldier gets that our wars are costly and unnecessary. They’re the best we have, they deserve your vote if you live in those states. I may actually vote to keep my democratic senator in office in New Mexico, where I’ve lived almost my entire life.(since five) Albuquerque has been my city too. I’ve watched it grow from under a 100,000 in 1959 to now over 600,000 in the metro area today.


I got a few things out there to stir things up a bit. I’m watching American Horror Story: Cult, on Netflix at night. It’s amazing that there’s some things in that show’s writing that mirror today’s scene. I’ve written about several issues that have turned up in the show. I’m not ripping them off. I’ll watch the final episode tonight(#11). I do hope the dynamic duo, referred to above, don’t start WW III. I hope things simmer down to a low boil to avoid another ridiculous unnecessary war. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”