Critic, Cynic, Ecology “We are all connected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”

“Each generation lives in the absolute: it behaves as if it had reached the apex if not the end of history”. E.O. Cioran

Grieving For What’s Lost and Soon To Be Vanished

Why No One Seems To Care

As I go over different reports from around the world I am astonished by the loss in just this century of all the lifeforms that will never be here again. The coral reefs are sick from warming and increased acidity due to absorption of CO2 from the increased amounts in the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning. Trees are being felled in many parts of the planet either to grow palm oil trees, cattle or to make fancy furniture for bourgeois mansions. Or even worse, to make fancy boxes to bury the dead. I have to take time out to grieve for these events both big and small just to maintain some sanity. Still, it kills me to read about all these loses caused by the 6th Mass Extinction Event all caused by human activity; specifically industrial capitalism. You cannot address the environment correctly without including industrial capitalism as the cause. Human population increasing is stressing all the ecological systems beyond their ability to adjust.

Something has to give. Expansion in a finite system has to end at some point. I think that point is in the very near future because the leadership’s of humanity only sees a very short distance into the future usually a few years at best. We knew back in the early 1970’s that global poisoning/warming was a huge problem We knew continued increase in population was a huge problem. Nothing was done about insuring a future past the 21st century and with almost 20% gone now without concern for any concrete address to the growing climate crisis. Nothing!! Paris accords? No signed documents holding industrialized nations accountable. In fact the energy corporations deliberately sabotaged the public with disinformation campaigns by well funded PR firms to spread the lies. Education was denied curricula that I had back in the early 70’s. We’ve had administrations continue to deny the catastrophic effects of do-nothing policy. They continue to subsidize energy corps. Gasoline should cost 5–6 bucks a gallon instead of $2.50.


I have to grieve for the world and her beautiful non-human people lost to stupidity. I grieve for beautiful landscapes leveled for coal or tar-sands extraction. Same with other mining, extraction for profit with no regard for nature and all the damage done never to be cleaned or restored.

I have a special affinity for cetaceans(whales and dolphins, incl Orcas). I read about their capture, enslavement or harvesting for consumption in the 70’s. They are sentient beings. They deserve to be free. I have a book on what the military has done to them and can’t continue to read because it’s so disturbing. And I like horror movies for where my sensibilities lie. I named my first kitty Orca due to her black and white color pattern. Whales are incredibly smart. They can be our friends too if we don’t go around killing them for food or enslaving them for entertainment. What they could teach us about oceans would be incalculable. Some water circuses are seeing their wicked ways whom are now finding other ways to sell entertainment. Good. Maybe the EU will follow suit. Perhaps, even, the rest of the world. Making slaves of wild indigenous beings has to be absolute.

I continue to grieve for the world’s people too as the imperialists slaughter millions in squabbles over land or resources. We just want to all live in peace. What’s so wrong with that? Tell me Mr President. Why do wicked yahoos like Bolton or Pompeo sentence large groups of people to submit to the US made bombs? Can any actual feeling human justify these nasty deeds? No! These rulers aren’t human, they’re monsters and are murdering Earth, our mother, giver of almost all life. Sun or Sol is the other giver of life as is Universe in all its indifferent, sublime, splendor.

So let’s, as a human collective, start living within a sustainable arrangement with nature because we are nature also. We are all part of the web, the will of living existence. We better or an ecological collapse will decimate us all. I want to read some philosophy now and escape the sadness I see all around the world. My cat will get in my lap and I’ll read. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”