“We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love.” R.D.Laing

Viral Spirals

So now we have a different form of violence unfolding in slow motion. There are so many people that will never have the same job that they had in February or March. Those jobs will be gone forever. Restaurants and cafes will go under forever. So we have a despair that will psychically be felt as violence. It’s like a war without bombs. A minuscule virus will bring us all to our knees. The polio crisis of the 1930’s–50’s is the last real scare we’ve had with widespread disease.


I’ve seen ads about getting our decency back. Ha! That went out with the 70’s. An interim between the ‘Nam and neo-liberalism was the only time in my lifetime when the US government seemed to be headed in the correct direction. The 80’s came, along with the election of Ronald Reagan, and a new savagery was born. Neo-liberalism. Savage economics. Do away with taxes for the rich and wealthy and grant credit, at exorbitant rates, so Americans can spend. I fell into that trap. I should never of ever had access to five credit cards. Three of which were with big New York banks. I had two or three store cars also, Sears and The Broadway come to mind. A bankruptcy followed a few years later, and I haven’t had credit since then. ’86 was when my debt was absolved.


If, perhaps, we don’t see a second wave of infection, later this year a few places may see some business. I used to work at restaurants as a cook. If they weren’t going full tilt at 100% capacity, they would fail. This morning on the news shows they were talking about letting these places open at 30–50% capacity. They can’t operate like this. That’s why they, being the idiot politicians, can’t grasp the magnitude of the situation.

Light Bulb

Now would Congress ever think this was good policy? Of course not. Banks, Wall Street, failing, abominable, cruise-ship lines, air travel, lots of other big businesses is all Congress cares about. People? Only at voting time. Afterwards they go back to helping their donors by writing favorable, business-friendly laws.

So Americans are getting screwed ten times harder than the ’08 crash. This will last longer. It will be more severe and a lot of things, and businesses, will never recover what was there at the first of the year. Congress seems to be in no hurry to help. So I say we’re in another depression. Capitalism is prone to these sorts of failures it stringent regulations are done away with as the neo-liberal economics is want to do. Yes, a form of violence without blood, just misery.


Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”