“There’s a creeping vine of fascist ideology tenuous at first but now growing in ferocity as the President is sending the feds to quell the unrest in cities around the country because folks are fed up, they’re pissed off, with cops killing blacks, many unarmed, some peaceful at home, with no accountability.” J Allen

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Welcome to hell, year 2020. It’s now started in earnest, our eventual downfall led by late-stage industrial capitalism and a pandemic as the the USA has been especially bad at handling the overall response, the inept handling of a crisis that has killed over 145,000 Americans. And counting. There’s no end in sight either. The government response: send in the troops to quell unrest in the cities where folks are fed up. They’re fed up with police violence against fellow citizens especially the people of color that are disproportionately targeted and even killed because of…well I’m not exactly sure so I won’t speculate on their reasoning, but it’s there in the “cop culture” and under the protections of their especially strong unions.

The talk of a vaccine, so far, has been just talk. We don’t have one for the common cold and regular flu vaccines annually are 80% effective in the best years and some years as lousy as 20–25% effectiviness. To expect a miracle vaccine is a pipe-dream as of now. We still don’t have one for AIDS, Ebola, Hauntavirus, and other nasties that are far more lethal than the extremely infectious c-virus, Or by its full name, SARS-CoV-2. At least its not near as lethal as SARS-CoV-1. Much more infectious, not near as lethal. Back to unions as I digressed a bit.

Other unions have been severely weakened over the years. There are factions of the GOP that have especially targeted the teacher’s unions, also a strong union but the cop unions are as strong as ever. The wealthy need the cops to protect them from angry citizens that will shortly be revolting because they are permanently out of work and can’t buy food or pay rent. I can hardly wait for the fireworks.

To those not paying attention the cops have been being militarized this century. Much of the materiel is surplus from the endless wars in the Middle East. President Obama was busy getting the cops armed in case of an insurrection, which now might be imminent as folks lose all forms of social help dealing with the c-virus pandemic. But really, the state is way too powerful to take head on. Only a well organized guerilla type of insurrection may succeed in turning the tide toward social democracy. The path to real socialism, or one path anyway. I’m sure there are other ways also. I’ve just focused on post-Marxist writings of late. Stop food delivery trucks for a week and grocery markets run out of food. And we thought the great toilet paper shortage was bad. Lots of folks went to public facilities and stole theirs. Coca Cola has taken a huge hit as fast foods outlets don’t sell all the Cokes they used to and empty movie venues sell no sodas or delicious buttered popcorn, two of my favorites when I went out to see a film.

Now the scary shit. There are unmarked forces abducting protesters and doing who knows what to them. This is FASCIST. Overt fascism. There are other fascistic movements all over this country but this is real unadulterated fascism. And it needs to stop. Protesters have a civil right to protest. I’m not talking about the professional, paid goons, that are there to instigate violence and vandalism, which are a big problem all of their own but mostly peaceful activists that have had it. Trump is ratcheting up the deployments of federal goons that are to shoot less lethal bullets, spray gas, sometime directly in a persons face with a giant canister, bean bags from shotguns, and actual abductions. Fascism par excellence.

I am scared by this. It doesn’t surprise me because I saw the kernels of this trend watching Trump’s rallies during the campaign of 2016. Goon squad diplomacy. Well this kernel sprouted and is now going into full bloom. Time for the proverbial ‘Roundup’(TM). Toxify this ideology and nip it in the bud. Rid the political landscape this authoritarian shift before actual totalitarianism takes hold as it did in the ’30’s last century. Yeah, uncannily scary. Or spooky maybe, or both. Stop already.

I finished my book on “The Cybernetic Hypothesis” yesterday. Some good stuff on how to fight back against the cyberneticians. Semiocapital flows are ruling our lives even with some severe scaling back as capital flows are hampered by a failing economy. As the economy gets worse the creeping vines fascism will get ever more power if we let it. Cut it off at the roots before it takes complete control of us all. We need that in a time of ever increasing precarity of jobs, housing, food, healthcare, etc. Also above all stay safe, avoid getting sick, stay alive. Don’t add to the dismal statistics. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Edit: Here’s a piece from Paul Street from CounterPunch. He really hates Trump and all he stands for. But his essay on fascism fits with today’s themes. I will also include an essay from Wall Street on Parade along the same fascist lines. Peace

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