“My battle with cancer is somewhat similar to the battle Earth has with humans; the difference is I will eventually lose, and Earth, if she’s lucky will win, sans humans, of course. Humans are Earth’s cancer.” J Allen

The Melt~~Unsplash

Well I had a follow up visit to one of my cancer doctor’s office today. A waste of $50 if you ask me. I need a CT scan to see if the radiation worked its melting magic on my growths in my right lung. I have been very tired of late but some was to be expected. If only my right shoulder could heal where I hurt it in August scrubbing…well I won’t say. My shoulder of my working days is no more. It’s scrubbed out. Too much of cutting, scrubbing, stirring, flipping skillets, etc. Arthritis is in my right hand and right shoulder. Age takes its toll on us all.


The more pressing matter is the thawing of the permafrost and the immense amount of stored methane in the clathrates. I’m not good at chemistry — one of the big reasons I dropped out of college — but if all the methane is released in a quick enough manner things will be untenable in a huge hurry. Really, it’s unknown because a release of this potential magnitude has never happened on Earth as far as we know.

Methane is at least 80% greater at holding in heat than CO2. I do believe that’s a very conservative estimate. It goes away a whole lot faster than CO2 that can last for centuries. But it could potentially fry Earth’s inhabitants in less than a 50 year time frame, ouch! No one wants to be a pariah and go out on a limb saying that alone is an extinction level event. I will because I’m an armchair blogger with some decent amount of background on what I write about. [I read a lot.]

What concerns me is there’s no off switch. I think the tipping point’s been crossed and no one has a clue what happens next. I intuitively know it’s gonna be real bad. Simplified, of course. Or we will be like the lobsters plunged in the chef’s pot for the seafood feast.(A touch of flair.) I do know it’s happening now. It’s not on the news. New cars, x-mas gifts, food, Disneyland, all being sold like tomorrow always will come shining on through the decay of society as it cooks, either slowly — like now — or in a steamed clams in a basket for the potpourri of astounding proportions of the Gods if the clathrates do their nastiness as its release overwhelms its ability to dissipate in a reasonable fashion. It does oxidize, CO2 doesn’t.

Here’s a link from CounterPunch on the methane problem. His chemistry is far better than mine. It’s worth noting that even the rag The Guardian had a good talk on methane, with hopium instead of cold hard truths. {Thanx, Sam Mitchell, for the hopium word.} I use Disneyland for the same jive nonsense. After all they(the sponsors) oops…\/

…need to keep the capitalists happy selling us junk we don’t need.\/

This was just a quick world on another factor threatening Earth’s delicate balance we all depend on for daily sustenance. So just live for today, love your own, be kind, and stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

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