“Ten years ago this month, February, 2011, we had another really cold snap that set all-time records here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know because I had to catch a bus to a clinic daily to get my fix of methadone,(from the first wave of Percocet addicts in the early ‘90’s) and I froze, even though I was dressed with two coats, extra sweatshirts, and long johns. The people here in northern NM froze too because some of our supply of natural gas was diverted to Texas. Here in Albuquerque there was some concern we might lose our supply. NM is one of the biggest producers of methane(natural gas) in the US. This time ‘round the folks up north are warm and Texans are freezing. More chickens coming home to roost, I’d say; Good!” J Allen

Busy Day


I’ve been busy today getting a shelf assembled, cleaning, stacking books, and, in general, making room for a safe and some more bookshelves. And I’m gassed out. So I have a few minutes and big ol’ Texas is still in the news. I’m going to go against my usual grain and am to gloat a bit. Texas is always dissing NM and it’s our turn to dis back.

Seems the Lone Star State is a bit too lonely this week as they’re not hooked into the national power grid. NM’s excess electricity is shipped westward to Phoenix and LA, LA, land. To top that off seems the all powerful wind turbines don’t turn when frozen stiff after an ice storm. Hmm…Something may be a bit amiss.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to die and it seems there have been some needless deaths due to the massive disruption of the polar vortex this week. CO(carbon monoxide) poisoning accounts for many needless deaths each winter because combustion yields both CO2, which in a big enough concentration can lead to suffocation. But the nasty one is CO, because it binds to the blood’s hemoglobin much easier than O2(oxygen) and displaces the blood’s capacity to deliver O2 to the cells, therefore they fail, with fairly fast, lethal results. Running a car in a closed garage to stay warm kills people every year. Or is used for suicides with the same rapid results.

So don’t burn material indoors without proper ventilation. That’s why fireplaces have chimneys. Smoke, CO, and CO2, go up the chute.

Ventilation Required~Pixabay

So stay safe this winter. Don’t kill yourself trying to stay warm. I’ve lived without heat when I first moved out of home in January, ’74. It was cold. Snow blew in through the windows. It was similar, in a way, to winter camping with a cold floor and toilet lid. The stove did work though, so we could cook, and use it for a bit of heat in the morning when it was below freezing in the room I shared with my hippy friend. We did have hot water. The heater was red tagged and disabled by the gas company. It beat the tyranny of my ol’ man’s rigid rules over Christmas break from the university. That’s when I dropped out.


It’s time to eat. I put most of my effort this week went into Tuesday’s essay on magical thinking. https://jrallen1200.medium.com/tuesday-chores-c8b5e6a81e68

Francisca Alvarez~Unsplash

I’ll probably have a hot dog and some tortilla chips. My kitty will think it’s dinner time even though her time is still three hours away. I’ve been going since about 5:00 AM so I’m tired. I’ll read some more in William R. Catton Jr’s, “Overshoot”, this afternoon and work on more book moving tomorrow. So stay warm, be kind, and stay safe. Peace, All, The Ol’ Tired Hippy

Edit: P.S. Seems Texas’s Senator, Ted Cruz, is staying toasty in Cancun, Mexico. That just struck my funny bone a bit too hard to resist the edit.

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