Sure, faith in a bunch of Yahoos with their interests stopping just barely past their own necks. Faith my ass. Even here in the US with the Bill of Rights, I've seen the erosion's increase exponentially since the attacks of September 11,'01. That was their excuse then. COVID is the excuse now. Same authoritarian measures different subtext. Strangling us all like a giant Python. It never releases it ever tightening grip, ever.

Maybe it's time for Australians to pressure their government to draft such a document, pass it, and put into law for all to benefit from a new civility. I wish you well on that one. Good luck.

Down under will still be a splinter state of the US hegemonic leviathan(with 'roos, no less) because of the notion that China can be "contained". Authoritarianism is here to stay. Freedom is just a gossamer thread , a figment really, of actual civil, liberal values(i.e. Texas). We are still fighting for them --rights--here in the US; e.g. last summer's riots about BLM; with personal secrecy a thing of the past for any digital activity. Welcome to the 21st century's new regime of control. Peace, The Ol' Hippy


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