“Revolutionaries, artists, and seers are content to be objective, merely objective: they know that desire clasps life in its powerfully productive embrace, and reproduces it in a way that is all the more intense because it has few needs.” Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari~Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia


We all have some basic desire of wanting to be wanted. Being a non-social type actor, the way I was born, I find keeping a pet fulfills my need to be needed. So I have a cat. Most normal folks have a human relationship to fill that need. Then on top of this primary need comes the desire to fulfill other desires. Whether this need fosters desire, or not, may be part of the ambiguity of the human condition. Sometimes we don’t have any desires, our ‘desiring machines’, using Deleuzian terms, are quiet, our immediate needs are met and we rest content in the world. Maybe after your teams wins, for instance. This is usually fleeting at best. I am always looking for ways to engage my mind. This may be a ‘machine’s’ desire, I’m unclear as to how all this philosophy fits into my schema of daily affairs. But it’s there nonetheless.

So we all have basic desires. I like to place these on top of needs. Needs like breathing, eating, a safe harbor, a way to exist in a capitalist society. As of now I have enough Social Security to live a comfortable life. No excesses, like a car or fancy clothes; but a decent, safe roof over my head, and a cat that thinks I’m a food dispenser every time I go to the fridge. Fine, I’ve never had bourgeois aspirations, I find that whole realm plastic as all hell. I find it hard to comprehend sometimes why others look so kindly on the super wealthy, the billionaires. Their desire for wealth and power is so extreme as to be a pathological. And this pathology spills out in the ways that this nation is run.


Now these powerful enterprises are threatening human existence. Their unchecked desires are murdering us all. There’s no need for all the extreme excesses. That this system based on constant expansion and exploitation has to be halted. And I do mean halted. Half measures now won’t save Earth from environmental disaster. My desire is to see a reversal of order, an inverse of what’s happening now. And halting the apparatuses is the job at hand. Are we as a people powerful enough in desire to stop the levers of power that enable the murderers to keep murdering our home planet, Earth?


So we must desire change first. Then we have to desire to change our society for the betterment of humankind. Our ‘desiring machines’ must be kicked into overdrive to get the change ball rolling, so to speak. We have to change ourselves first. If that basic desire is lacking a collapse will most assuredly force change in the near future. My desire is to inspire some to start their ‘desiring machines’ whirring, to get on with saving Earth. I wish I could have done more throughout my life but I had little means to support an all out effort to be a real activist. So I write these days and I desire to do so, to spread the message that the white noise of the corporate(MSM) media has been subverted by the energy corporations to spread lies and misinformation. To create “controversy”, their desire to remain profitable. Global warming is as real as my breathing is as I write. Western US has been stripped of old growth forests. Canada is doing the same. Stripping the land for tar sands and felling trees to sell to China. Its ugliness is indescribable.


For example: If folks stop flying to all the places they want to visit and stay home instead and look at pictures of Greece or paintings in the Louvre in picture books, the airline flyers’ and tourist destinations’ will be hard put to stay in business. Even if it means not pumping millions of tons of CO2 from the exhaust, thus helping global warming, the people working in those industries loose their jobs. Then a cascade of events will follow that will probably collapse the economy. The same holds true in most affairs. One portion of the economy supports other aspects. Decrease the defense budget — something sorely needed — and a whole host of people that are working in the contractor’s industries are put out of work. Stop bombing countries to rubble and the bomb makers and concrete pouring people are out of work. So a conundrum exists that desire can’t break through.



Re-edited, 8/11/20

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”