“The creed of evil has been, since the beginnings of highly industrialized society, not only a precursor of barbarism, but a mask of good”~date- unknown~“In his state of complete powerlessness the individual perceives his time left to live as a brief reprieve. He does not expect to live out his life to the end.[…] Time flies.” 1946–1947~Theodor Adorno~ All in Minima Moralia

“Capitalism is the real virus and we’re still waiting on the antibodies to resist its daily lacerations.” Jeffrey St. Clair~CounterPunch~3–12–2021


It’s time to talk a little about inflation. Like, how it’s supposed to be below 2% or so and how rosy things look for the future, economically speaking, that is. Sure, and I have a bridge…. What is going on to drive prices sharpy higher since the start of the c-virus pandemic a year ago? My groceries are more expensive. My cat’s food is more expensive. New books are more expensive. And firearms, still, one of my hobbies, have skyrocketed into the stratosphere, including ammo and reloading components. Yet inflation is rarely mentioned in corporate(MSM) media exchanges. Like the TV news, for example.

I see from looking at the Wall Street numbers the stock market is booming. The Dow is, wow!, at 32,778.44 points, apparently at, or about at, a record high! This during an economy that is propped up on printing press, Monopoly money, as I like to call it. My dollar is surely worth less than a year ago at the start of the pandemic. But fat-cat Wall Street tycoons are smoking their Cubans, eating caviar, on their 100+ foot yachts. So answer me this, what is really going on?

I won’t go into gasoline prices because they fluctuate widely anyway, but it’s been going up also. It’s still not as much as I paid back in ’13 when I borrowed my Mom’s car for a few days. It was well over $3.40 a gallon. RIP, Mom.

Also the new stimulus package Biden just signed has breathed some more life support into a sputtering economy. I do want my $1,400, and I’m still waiting. I hope a pesky bill collector doesn’t steal it away from me. They can now. I do have some outstanding medical debts, and I’m on the best Medicare I can get at the now, 22% level in economic numbers, as far as I can tell anyway. I really am counting on that money. I need new teeth and they aren’t cheap. I’m sure they’ve gone up too. \/

A Looming Crash?

I still foresee a crash coming. I just don’t know what will touch it off, or when it may occur. I thought it might happen last year but between the Fed pumping in billions and the March 27 CARES act; which, BTW, was the biggest heist in the history of the world, the market came roaring back with a fury. It’s still going strong as pointed out above. A ginormous bubble if you were to ask me. It’s sure to pop as they always do, and much worse than in ’08, when they stole millions of homes from working Americans, then out of a job due to Wall Street greed. Hopey, changy, Obama bailed on average Americans, and bailed out his Wall Street buddies instead. Well fuck that shit with a big hammer.

I suppose it could be worse. But as of now it looks bleak economically speaking anyway. I got into doom ecology on yesterday’s(Saturday) post. I see a coalescence of assemblages colliding in the in the near term future. Environmentally, ecologically, and economically, all three together ushering in the collapse of industrial civilization. And there’s nothing in mankind’s power to stop this runaway train. Nothing. Climate change is baked in.

Already in the tropics the temperature is getting too hot for human survival. 95F, wet bulb temperature is fatal after about an hour. Working folks in the tropics are dying of heat stroke on a regular basis in the hot tropical summers. It will soon be time for these poor souls to move north. The dying of heatstroke won’t care about inflation, will they?


We’ve already seen an influx of immigrants, many unaccompanied children at the southern border since Trump is gone. So what’s different? Biden is also putting them in cages which are full. Remember Obama is the one that deported more southern immigrants than any president. He built the cages also. Something MSM never mentions. Trump tried for a new record but was a term too short to approach his record.

All this adds to our inflation in one way or another. And when the US markers(debt payments) are called in, watch out, inflation deluxe, like Greece in the past. Or worse, I surely don’t even want to speculate on that one. I want to have returned to Universe by then.


So things are getting more expensive daily. I think I got a little over 1% this year on my SS checks. Medicare takes it away. In essence my income has flat- lined over the last few years as prices grow ever higher, Or, in the case of groceries, same price, smaller amounts in bags and TV dinners, or higher prices on canned goods. And with a drought or a flood at the right time, and place, famines are sure to follow.

Just be as kind as you can to one another, that’s the good part of being human anyway. Work together. Come to mutual understandings. I hear neighbors screaming all the time. Maybe that’s why I like being alone, all I can yell at is the TV or my kitty. I try not to yell at my cranky kitty as best I can. The TV though, is fair game. Lastly, be safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”