“Pure fatigue — fatigue without cause, the kind that comes like a gift or a scourge: that is what helps me to pull myself together, that is what affords me knowledge of my “self.” Once it leaves me , I am no more than an inanimate object.” E. M. Cioran~The Trouble With Being Born

“I find myself growing fatigued”, said Khan, on an episode of Star Trek. Indeed, the news on the impeachment spectacle is tiring, to say the least. The Sunday news shows didn’t disappoint in that regard. So I’m tired too, of this whole lesson on political theater as absurdity. Meanwhile Earth is on fire, COP 25 just ended, and nothing at all on the news shows today or this week; that I noticed anyway. Which makes me wonder; why is a phone call more important than our only home being destroyed by industrial capitalism’s march to oblivion? This is why I’m tired. However, I’ll keep writing critiques on this murderous system destroying our home. I have a renewed energy to push through the current mess of nonsense clogging our minds with mostly garbage. The corporate(MSM) media is to blame. They will be critiqued too.

Summertime Blues

Also arising last summer was a concern with a new “nodule” in my right lung. I have lung cancer most likely from smoking cigarettes and crack and some odd sorts of other things. Note: Lungs are for breathing air, nothing else. They are delicate and damage easily. The air we breathe is dirty enough without added toxins from smoking. Eat cannabis, shoot or snort, smack, or speed, or coke, don’t smoke it. Coke is especially bad due to ‘free radicals’, ask a chemist. Not an anarchist. So a cancer scare added to my funk last summer and fall. A biopsy earlier this month proved inconclusive so I’ll continue on as if…I’ll read, I’ll write, and watch Netflix or Amazon at night.


It’s hard to say at this time if this hurts or helps Trump in the 2020 elections. To rid Trump run someone who can beat him, simple as that. Run a radical. Run Betty Crocker even; for shit’s sake, just as long as they can beat Trump and stop the environmental destruction that industrial capitalism is doing as they sell off public spaces for exploitation and profit. Biden=Trump. Pete=? Warren=? Bernie=win. The Green New Deal ought to be a firm starting point on which to build. If not the coming economic/environmental collapse will be severe. It can’t be argued that it costs too much. The new defense bill is 40% more than it was at the height of the Iraq war, 40%!! This wasn’t even mentioned today. The increase feeds all the hungry here in America with lots left over for education or work projects. This is the crap that I grow tired of hearing about.


Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”