Critic, Cynic, Satirist “We are all connected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”

Well Sort Of

The Sunday news shows didn’t cover much new ground today. It included mostly re-telling the same lies and misinformation that’s been in the corporate news of late. I didn’t take notes. I read “Off-Guardian” instead. An online alt site from the UK. They point out all the lies in the British Press. They are the anti-BBC and anti-Guardian. Much more interesting than hearing lame excuses to overthrow Venezuela’s elected leader, Maduro. I’m wondering what would happen here if say China announced the ’16 election was fraudulent and instead of Trump they wanted to install B. Sanders or S. Walker as the legitimate leader. Then they could undermine the dollar and put the yuan as legitimate currency. The howls of outrage would never cease. Rachel Maddow would have to be really committed to the nearest asylum. Screaming all the way there that Russia! was the real culprits as the attendants strap on her straitjacket after arrival. Rush Limbaugh would glow a permanent red. Bolton and Pompeo would draw up plans to destroy China. {They most likely already have but that’s for another discussion.} Outrage would see no bounds. So why is the US govt doing this to Venezuela? The US already buys about 40% of their oil as it is. What gives exactly? Socialism? Better living conditions for their citizens than we get here? There are other speculations for another day. Check it out, the writing is usually spot on.

One thing’s for certain; all the corporate media conglomerates never saw a war they didn’t like. They are always for war no matter how wrong, costly or illegal. Death and destruction sells news stories. The advertisers like war because of all the exposure their ads get. They sell shit better when there’s a war going on. Which is pretty much the case in the US’s endless parade of wars. Not one person spoke out against the US coup in Venezuela, not one! Fox and NBC didn’t give a peep about the opposing view of no coup or war. They didn’t mention the crippling sanctions that are threatening their livelihoods. What about the children that can’t get care or food because of US sanctions? Nada. Hey, let them get at those assets frozen by US banking industry at the behest of the govt. We don’t have clean water in Flint, MI, but we can destroy another nation with all the might and force of the govt and military with no regard for how much it costs the taxpayers.

Speaking of taxes, what kind of value has the average hard working American gotten from the $trillions spent destroying the ME? More terrorists? Check. More inequality? Check. No universal healthcare? Check. Crippling debt for higher education? Check, again. Endless govt debt that ends up in oligarch’s investment portfolios. The Pentagon can’t even conduct a proper audit that cost over $5 million to get this non-answer. Estimates as high as $21 trillion with no accounting!!?? I was $5 grand in debt when I declared bankruptcy in ’86. Since then I don’t borrow from institutions. I did get a few title loans at 500% interest to get care for my sick cat. I did pay them off. Will the US ever pay off its debt? Not while I’m still alive I’m sure.

The taxpayers are being fucked over every time they launch another worthless war. Propaganda is used to garner consent for imperialist military adventures all over the world. Maybe it’s time for this to stop and work on real issues threatening our very existence. Global poisoning/warming is the major issue never discussed. Once a few weeks ago on Meet the Press, and then nothing to follow it up. Just advocacy for further wars. Boeing must be doing well, they had two nicely produced ads today on NBC. Shiny war planes and space ships, something on every kid’s Christmas list. Well, maybe not.

Shit, fuck, hell, I’m so tired of hearing about an unneeded border wall, or fence or some shit that won’t keep determined folks out of the US. There have been many tunnels found under existing walls to move drugs and people from further south. Find ways to secure the border that doesn’t destroy ecosystems in the process. Congress needs to get off their asses and work on a bipartisan immigration bill and get it passed. I’ve been hearing about this since at least the 90’s when I started paying attention. We are where we’d be before the shutdown only now another 2 million people are pissed at the govt. Remember over 1 million contractors didn’t get paid and they don’t get back- pay. Seems the democrats supported a wall a few years ago. Politics used to hurt people, to get political points for contrariness, just to screw over their opponents. Dysfunctional as my therapist would say if I still had one.

Enough of dumb-ass politics. I want to start a new book today. I’m eying Jean-Francois Lyotard or Eugene Thacker. Philosophy. Something with some teeth. Work. Escape from the dystopia of living in postmodern American hysteria. Escape from worrying if my lung cancer has returned. My kitty, Isis on my lap reading philosophy. Nothing better than that. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”