“Today the psychotic framework of hyper-stimulation and constant mobilization of nervous energy is pushing people, especially suggestible young people, socially marginalized and precarious, to a different kind of acting out: an explosive demonstration of energy, a violent mobilization of the body, which culminates in the aggressive, murderous explosion of the self.” Franco ‘Bifo’ Barardi — Heroes

Sunday News Wrap Up

First, The Unfunny

Well hardly a week goes by anymore without another mass shooting. And without fail no one in a news department or pundits on panels has a clue as to the root cause of these violent demonstrations that end in many innocent victims and destroyed communities and families of the survivors. Today’s shows were no different. There were comments to enact stricter gun laws. Remember Columbine happened during Clinton when we did have an ‘assault’ rifle ban and magazine(clips) capacity laws. These laws at the time were the most repressive ever. Mass shootings have increased in frequency ever since. There were shootings before that one also but the news didn’t go 24/7 ‘till Columbine. Laws don’t stop shootings. And they never will. I think the quote above says much on these current issues of society’s ills. A total detachment from emotional foundations leads many people astray from civilized norms.

Funnies — Fox

Ol’ Joe Biden buddy is always giving us chuckles as he gaffs his way towards having to drop out of the race. The more he says the worse he sounds and gets. I personally think he’s going senile. Trump is going senile also but that’s another story. Biden still leads the polls that the news shows’ cite. The pundits were talking the difference between outright lies, like Trump’s, and Biden’s continuing confusion of all sorts of past and present events. I find all this mildly amusing until I remember they control the nukes, yikes.

Hurricane Dorian

Both networks had stern warnings about this storm that is now a cat 5, the highest — until global warming in the near future causes a 6th to be added — category we have. It has shifted somewhat and may threaten the entire Southeast US coastline for up to a week or so. Because of storm surge coupled with rising sea levels this storm has the potential to cause massive damage. Uncertainty and stalling were the going terms from acting FEMA director on Fox and NBC.

Continuing On

Top level government officials are still immune from criminal prosecution. Former FBI head James Comey, was talked about and whether his handling of certain affairs warranted criminal scrutiny. Apparently not. I don’t know enough specifics to chime in with an opinion, and besides not everything deserves an opinion. There are still plenty of sour grapes continuing to rot from the ’16 election to last a lifetime. My “two minutes of hate” spewed forth after some of the inane commentary about Comey and the election and the emails. Shit, enough already. Next time run someone who can win against a buffoon. A milquetoast centrist isn’t an answer to anything the real people of America want.

Meet the Press

Senator Rick Scott of Florida was on, Fox too by the way, with nary a mention of global warming which is causing sea level rise and intensifying the storms that do form over warming ocean surfaces. A literal third of his state of Florida will be underwater in a century or two. All the coastal property will be submerged. Including Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.


The hurricane is continuing to churn threatening the southern US coast. We are still at war in Afghanistan. No one in a leadership position will grow some balls and do something to address industrial capitalism’s climate disruption and US imperialism’s march to oblivion. The corporate(MSM) is always pro war. Always. They were for the ‘Nam and they are for wars now. Nothing’s changed except that war videos are sanitized for friendly, family viewing, even children can enjoy. We can’t have them growing up becoming like the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s can we? I watched the gore of war(the ‘Nam) nightly on the news along with dinner or dessert. Huntley & Brinkley would be cheering the US troops on with erudite commentary on the “winning” of a winless war. The news is a sycophantic outlet for the MIC. The Cold War of ‘47-’91, was still a war. So is Afghanistan. It was mentioned in passing today. I want them all to end. For Good. Forever. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

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