I want to read today. I finished “Bright Green Lies”, by Derrick Jensen, et. al., yesterday afternoon. I started the 3rd, and likely, last book in this latest blitz on my eco-education. It’s called, “The Uninhabitable Earth”, by David Wallace-Wells, a non-environmentalist, instead, being a columnist and deputy editor of New York Magazine. I believe the introduction was released a few years ago, as a magazine piece, which created quite a stir in the readership of the magazine and others too. I remember reading some of it a few years ago online. I thought it a bit optimistic, but I am a lifelong pessimist. I’ve read many books on the subject over the years. Derrick Jensen and Timothy Morton are especially good. They ‘get it’.

I will read the book and give a critique when I’m about finished. As he’s not an environmentalist he wasn’t educated as I was back in public schools om the late 60's-early 70’s, when ecology, overpopulation, pollution, and global warming was part of the schooling curricula. I apparently was in a narrow window of those educated of our, now, pending doom. Only folks I’ve met in my relative age group, from about 62–70 years, I’m 67, got this valuable education. Other younger folks, a few anyway, stumbled into this knowledge.

That’s why the PR firms were so successful at creating “controversy” about global warming, now reduced to climate change, only a small part of the whole industrial scale war of murder and exploitation on/of Earth.

“Overshoot”, by William R. Catton Jr, 1980; and “Bright Green Lies”, by Derrick Jensen, et. al., 2021, are both excellent. I’m speculating that Wallace-Wells is a bit naive about the whole scale of what humankind faces. I’ll see. I do want to leave another link to follow with yesterday’s dark dimensions. Be kind to one another, and stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy \/ link

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