“Assaults continue unabated. Whether its here in the states by cops, economic factors, the financial ravages of neo-liberalism, or abroad in Afghanistan and other lesser known locales; the devolution of the US continues against most of the lower 80% or so.” J Allen

Censors Are Everywhere

Now we have a new wave of censorship trying to get rid of, or to disavow, pervasive info available on the net in ways never seen before in our history. This has been going on forever, it’s just now that we as a collective society can see it in all of its ugliness. The government wants to censor this. The videos that sprout up on the net like mushrooms after a summer’s rain are ‘scrubbed’ away as if by a magic eraser. If this was the past we’d never have known about George Floyd’s murder by the cop.

The people that are savvy enough to download YouTube videos get to keep them in circulation by, perhaps, re-releasing them online. I don’t know if this is illegal. Deleted videos do circulate. I’ve seen a few. I know that the cops would like them to be gone so they can continue to lynch, or murder, with impunity. A lot of police departments try to keep nasty videos in private hands. They don’t want their ‘bad boys’ exposed.

Planet of the Humans

What I’ve yet to find is who’s behind this censorship. Obviously the big energy corporations don’t want this to be seen, especially the ones murdering trees to be burnt as “renewable” energy. It’s murder, plain and simple. At least coal and oil has been dead for millions of years as carbon stores of the Sun’s overabundant energy as it strikes Earth’s surface. Greenery’s ability to store energy is really amazing. But the ‘green energy’ movement in general has been painted with deservedly dark brushes, so they may be behind this ‘disappearing’ of the film. A quick search today didn’t find any sources to view it. I hope you all did while it was available.

One last item. We as a civilization can’t continue on this course any longer without totally jeopardizing or survival as a species. Industrialism and population must decrease. We live on a finite planet. Expansion has run well past the carrying of Earth. Retreat or perish. ‘Nuff said on that.


So war in America is as American as apple pie, or dick, or pussy, to put it bluntly. We are slaves to a culture of death and destruction in the name of imperialism and Empire. Remember, Carl Rove, the pompous prick in the Bush- II administration, said so; “We are an Empire”. We have war against the c-virus, drugs, immigrants, and other less savory aspects of dirty capitalism, all to increase profits. So when citizens rebel they start a war with the cops. And they lose. So do some of the businesses that get looted when rioters run rampant. So do we all really. I do understand why though. We have all been under assault from neo-liberal economics since the latter 70’s. Deregulation and wage stagnation have left workers in a more precarious situation.

Now add the c-virus pandemic to the mix without Real assistance to stay home, as we all should, and the sparks will fly with any confrontation with law enforcement that’s been consistently militarized since the 90’s or so. The riots of this week prove that. A peaceful demonstration can erupt into a full scale riot with a little provocation for subversive groups within the mob. So this week has seen a bunch of protests get out of hand. Whether provocateurs or just plain people wanting to steal stuff by looting, the agitation we all feel is now out there. The leaders need to step in to regain some control without resorting to using the National Guard. Maybe it’s too late. Maybe things will continue to devolve as economic factors push people over the edge. Who knows? The immediate future is very uncertain.

Which brings me to task of melding the increasing censorship with the increasing wars. Wars usually involve censorship. They, the social controllers, want to control the narratives so the citizens accept what’s happening. But the c-virus and all the disinformation about it has made this impossible. I have a hard time of keeping up, or determining, the fake from the real about the c-virus. There are many conflicting stories about it. Some of the calls for censorship are to regain control of the narrative to keep us from determining what’s real and good for us. With a free ‘net we have to be making our own choices. I have my own theories about what’s happening and it involves the biggest heist in the history of the world under the cover of a worldwide pandemic. I’ll save that one for later. As it’s too late to put the c-virus back into the Genies’ bottle, it’s out for good.


P.S. Here’s a link about war from Abby Martin. \/

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