“They seem to consider themselves the smartest creatures around, and they incessantly claim they care about human life and that human life is amazingly wondrously sacred and special, yet they are making no reasonable effort to avoid this crash*(which will be the result not merely of overpopulation but the culture as whole, of which overpopulation is a symptom of far too many).” Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay~What We Leave Behind

  • *Crash being ecological and civilizational crash, what I always refer to as a collapse of industrial civilization.

Today instead of a narrow focus I want to expand the focus on all sorts of problems facing humankind these days. We have major political, economic, militaristic, and most pressingly, the environmental disaster unfolding in human time frames, as in slow motion. In geologic frames it’s a very fast moving event: The 6th Mass Extinction Event. This is human caused. This motion is a big ambling monster that has massive momentum. So as much as the nations want to halt global temperature rise to 1.5C, I’m afraid that’s not possible. A 2C rise is probably the best outcome, and that’s if something really concrete is enacted today. And that’s not going to happen. People are still hiding their heads in the sand on this existential threat because they don’t want to change how they’re living these days.

For Example: Folks don’t want to give up their boats on some lake that’s the result of a human built dam that kills the indigenous river species. Dams kill rivers. They are used for power production and flood control. The perks are that affluent people can have a nice lake for recreational relaxation from ‘working for the man’. Dams kill salmon during migration when they return to their original rivers to spawn. This is a west and east coast phenomena. They alter the species living in the river. So, maybe, no more dams.

Caskets: Folks never think about the trees killed for fancy boxes in which to bury their dead in. Especially rare woods such as mahogany(from rain forests), walnut(from here and elsewhere) and plain old pine used in construction and felled by the millions every year. How about linen in which the body returns to Earth as is meant to be. Yeah, I’m hardcore on some environmental issues.

Automobiles: Forget about cars and trucks. Lots of people have to have transportation to get to work, shop, toodle around, travel to all sorts of places. We don’t have anywhere near enough public transportation to satisfy even a small percentage of the demand needed.Thank the 20th century auto industry’s lobbying Congress to stifle public transportation. Los Angles, California had trolleys back in the 20’s. Now they use cars for everything. And traffic there is a nightmare. I don’t own a car. I still need rides from my father to go to market twice a month and go to doctor’s offices not on bus lines. This isn’t even discussed these days: our total reliance on fossil fuel burning vehicles. And for those electric car fans here’s the first link today. \/

Other areas of concern are the stripping Earth to mine rare earth metals. China leads the production of these valuable metals. OK so let China fuck up their country mining these metals. Well the last time I looked at a globe of Earth, China was on it. Pollution there is still pollution on Earth. Consider.

Plastics: OMG,(I’m really an atheist but I still use OMG sometimes.) we are choking on plastics. I throw tons away every month. Most of the stuff in my pad is plastic. Granted plastic solves all sorts of problems. TV’s are now plastic when they used to be made of glass tubes. Bottled water uses billions of bottles annually. Sure they don’t break, but next time consider a filter at home and reusable water bottles. I recently switched from disposable plastic bags at the supermarket. I now use Sierra Club reusable bags they sent me for a donation. These little things do add up if enough people care to do so. Here’s the next link concerning plastics. \/

A horrible report. I don’t want to see whales killed, but these far north dwellers may deserve a respite due to their culture and frozen environment. I saw a report where plastic has been found in the deepest part in the Pacific Ocean and high up on Mount Everest. Plastic is ubiquitous.(everywhere) There’s several patches of plastics in the oceans bigger that the state of fucking Texas!! There have been some ideas tossed around on how to clean this mess up. So far nothing tried has worked very well at all.

Banking: Yes even the greedy bankers are contributing to global disaster due to loaning and funding more fossil fuel drilling and exploration. They just don’t get that their profit incentives are destroying the planet on which they live. Another link. \/

A last link on the climate emergency. I recommend reading both parts(I & II) in a continuing series. \/

Like a said, a potpourri today. We have a regime change political structure baked into the system of Empire. Like is said at times that, ‘why didn’t Germans stop what Hitler was doing’; I write to stop, a futile effort, but an effort on my part, nonetheless. Our government insists on replacing a social democracy with fascist, despotic dictators when a nation state has something the capitalists want. Bolivia is the latest acquisition. Genocides are happening all over the world as a direct, or indirect actions of Empire. Make no mistake, The USA is an Empire. Here’s another link for those interested. \/

The US government’s use of force for actual stealing a nation state’s resources. \/

And crack downs on media trying to get the real news disseminated. \/

So there. There’s a lot here for those interested in various worldly affairs as concerned US citizens should maybe be. I don’t blame those hardworking people that rely on the lying corporate(MSM) media for their news. I have a lot of time that I spend on different aspects of Earth’s plight from humanity’s continued exploitation of resources and unlimited burning of fossil fuels. It, the whole dang shooting match, is all interconnected in webs and forces that we, as humans, still don’t have a firm grasp of. I do know that we as a civilization; an industrial, militaristic, capitalist civilization, are murdering Earth and her ecosystems. So get on board the bus and start to care. Write to your Senators and Representatives to do something meaningful against the climate emergency we all live within. Please. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”