“Visual information, particularly the electronic flow of configurations, is too fast for critical examination.” Franco “Bifo” Berardi~ And: Phenomenology of the End


Yes, flows. There are so many narrative flows, all conspiring, working together to grab, and keep our attention engaged, so we can’t escape, even for a moment, to think for ourselves. This is by design and somewhat out of human control anymore. The informational flows subsumed by the digital domain dominates American, and I speculate, worldly culture.


Now we have something seriously affecting semiocapital’s flows. Yes, the coronavirus. It’s disturbing travel around the world. A big bubble that dominates many areas of capital capture as people cancel plans to go to destinations close and afar because of the scare that the virus may affect, or even infect them. Even today we’ve had an American succumb to the disease living close to the Canadian border. Trump want’s to close the borders. This is highly disruptive to semiocapital’s flows. Tourists stay home. Airline tickets are canceled, as are reservations at trendy resorts everywhere. The capital flow is halted. Businesses suffer along with the workers tending the trendy spots everywhere. Paychecks may suffer too as hours are cut to save overall costs. More bubbles disturbed, or maybe even burst, depending on how bad this nasty little virus gets.

Fashion — Yes Fashion

This has now become a major issue the world over. It also gives me something concrete to write about for a somewhat difficult concept. Another example: Wedding dresses. Yes fashion is taking a big hit. Seems many fancy wedding dresses are made in China and other far off places. The workers there are told to stay home. Dresses don’t get made. Weddings are cancelled, or postponed because the bride’s big day can’t be spoiled by lack of a beautiful dress on her special day. This is her bubble. But it relies on so many other bubbles to come off without a hitch. Prom dresses too are, threatened. This nasty virus is creating ripples felt downstream by many bubbles, some even popped as the stock market has taken a decided hit as of late. Another big group of semiocapital bubbles upended by one of the smallest items known. Wow! Who knew?

Bernie Sanders

Here’s the kicker. Bernie has offered hope to millions of Americans for the first time in their lives. Me too, by the way! He also poses a huge danger to the integration of semiocapital’s flows of commerce, finance, domestic, and foreign policy.(War policy really) I hope I’ve made the point well enough to show how hard is is to affect change to semiocapital’s systems of flows. The digitization of practically everything has placed us on a speeding bullet that’s hard to control. Bernie want’s to raise pay. This in itself shouldn’t cause too many big bubbles to burst all while filling many tiny bubble a little fuller thus enriching millions of lives.


I just wanted to show why there’s such vehemence against Bernie. He threatens semiocapital’s flows. It can be done. It may take a little time but this is a monumentally huge system. It infects all our lives. I tried to show how such a minute thing as a nasty virus upsets the flows of all the bubbles suspended in semiocapital’s flows. Bernie is another virus to the status quo and flow. It will be a fight, but I believe a fight worth fighting for because if the C. virus is dealt with quickly enough as to not crash the economy Trump will be hard to beat. It’ll be worth it though, I believe. A fight worth fighting for, or, four more years of Trump. Fight against the powerful flows, for your bubble’s sake, of course. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”