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“Everything that makes the world like it is now will be gone. We’ll have new rules and new ways of living. Maybe there’ll be a law not to live in houses, so then no one can hide from anyone else…” Shirley Jackson

First. I’m reading Gilles Deleuze’s “Difference and Repetition”. It’s about as tough of a philosophy book I’ve delved into yet. I can get through about 10–15 pages in a four hour reading session. This takes time. This takes work because the only formal class I ever had was an ancient philosophy class back in 1972 at UNM. It did whet my appetite for further study when time allowed. Now that I don’t work and have read up on most modern items that concern me{global heating, new biology, cosmology, genetics, societal collapse, etc }, I now have time. Or as little as cancer allows me. The thing is philosophy is built on what’s preceded the present. I’ve kinda gone backwards. I just received Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason.” I will use this as most modern philosophy stems from this tome. To say it’s difficult may be a slight understatement. I will get a few Plato Dialogues today. Going backward.

I see that the planet is continuing to heat.

War is perhaps, immanent. See yesterday’s post for my take on war.

The Koch brothers will fund democrats that ‘follow’ their wicked agendas. The likes of Sanders and AOC wanting a bit of social democracy threatens their empire. GOOD. Pay attention all and avoid anyone playing ball with the Koch’s and avoid like the plague. Socially spread the word. I will write when I see who’s screwing with the wicked devils.

I still see a monstrous industrial and ecological collapse sometime in the near future. The capitalists have literally scorched Earth and her children. Insect populations are is serious decline worldwide. Same with bats. And Orcas. Forests. Corals. Oceans. Ice caps. Etc. Makes me weep for Earth and her children. The non-human people should be though of as friends. Like your dog. Or my kitty; friends. Or clams, for that matter; they all fit in the grand scheme of things. Treat them as such. Put the kind back in human-kind.

Women’s rights are being trampled. Boycott any state that bans abortion. Georgia has a giant film industry. Boycott any film that comes from there. The big peace in their logo is the key. I know, I watch ,‘Walking Dead’ too sometimes on Netflix. This is serious as misogynous men want to regain control over women. They did that in ancient Rome too, time to grow up already. Don’t watch football(Falcons, Georgia Tech). Honey that comes from there. Hit ‘um where it hurts.

Sometimes the best Ideas come in the form of a well thought out question. I don’t mean the yes or no question. I mean a proposal that seeks a truth or truths. One that doesn’t have a preconceived answer. One that doesn’t start with an answer as the original question. Harder than it first appears isn’t it. Here’s mine. The preconditions are the ground on which to build the answer. It presupposes a problem already exists. [groundwork remember] It may not have a solution. It may have many.(this is what I believe) or it may already too late to matter if a solution is found. (possible)

Question: How do people as a whole go about finding a workable solution to the global poisoning/heating, 6th Mass Extinction Event we are all now immersed in that is — as Timothy Morton calls it a Hyperobject — threatening all our very existence? A Hyperobject, as global heating surly is, is projected far into the future.

The CO2 from coal burned today will still have a portion of it in the atmosphere 5,000 years from now. The nuclear material from bombs and reactor waste will still be somewhat radioactive 50,000 years from now.

We don’t throw trash “away”. We move it elsewhere. Some ends up in the oceans. Earth is a finite object we all share. There is no ‘away’ on our only home. Just different rooms. And like my pad sometimes — most times really — the rooms on Earth are getting really trashy.

It’s viscous, it sticks to all of us. Think of pollution. Some sticks to you. Plastic chokes sea life. Trash heaps breed disease. Orcas can’t eat the crappy farm raised salmon that are slowly hybridizing with indigenous species.

It’s non-local. A hurricane in Florida doesn’t bother Sarah Palin in Alaska. Or a heatwave in Alaska doesn’t bother someone in Paris where it’s hot as crap anyway. Etc. Non-locality. Everywhere but no-where all the same. A paradoxical predicament.

Its’ temporal. This relates to the time factor. Temporal undulations, the pulsing of various cycles are now thrown into disarray because of the disrupted carbon cycle that’s approximately 100 million years old. Earth cycles the carbon from all the dead plant life of a major era. Tectonic plate theory has major plate that move over the semi-solid mantle that behaves as a liquid over vast amounts of time. The carbon is stored as coal, methane(natural gas), crude oil and tar sands to name the most common. Fossil fuel burning has released the stored carbon back into the environment far faster than Earth can restore it and reach homogeneity. It’s so disrupted that the whole kit and caboodle may take humans along with it to be recycled at Earth’s pace. Earth will live sans man. The pulsing, the temporality of Earth is experiencing arrhythmias. This us just one of the really hard elements to my Question. We all need a giant shock, to wake us from our sleep. I doubt there’s a giant defibrillator in this Solar System. Ya know, to restart Earth’s heart.

Another hard topic on our planetary warming object the holds the Question we must answer. A dinosaur is closed off from us. They have receded from living and now inhabit the past. we know they existed because of fossil relics that archeologists and paleontologists dig up. Without going into the deep philosophy required for this suffice it to say that this is part of the Question. I’d say right off nuclear reactors and the waste they produce is the best example. It recedes from our thought but not entirely. Long after we are gone the radiation will still be here. The Northern Pacific is slowly being poisoned from the Fukushima Disaster. That’s only three of four reactors that fried. Radioactive water is seeping into the ocean. It may recede from our thoughts but not entirely. The Cold War affected me in much the same way. Chernobyl was only one reactor in 1986. They are still working on a giant cover(date not certain) to contain the remains of the explosion. Even when the concrete sarcophagus is complete the remains under it will be glowing for many years. That’s a total of four reactors that have poisoned part of the world. The remains will be here for a long, long, time.

There is a Phasing factor also. Part of the pulse of the cycles. The North Atlantic current, the Gulf Stream, is being affected by an influx of cold fresh water from the melting of Greenland and the polar cap. It may slow. Not enough is known about all the factors that make and keep the current flowing. The entire oceanic food chain depends on a turning over of cold to warm water where the tiny animals that start the food chain start. If this turning, this cycle is disputed enough the food chains in the ocean may collapse. if that happens we as a species are terminal. This is part of the phasing in a hyperobject. The hyperobject containing the Question is global poisoning/heating. HOW DO WE STOP THE EXTINCTION, THE 6th, FROM HAPPENING? That is the Question. Mitigation is duly called for. I’m sure lot of ideas will spring from my proposal as a question. A question that needs answering as soon as possible.

There are lots of people much smarter than me to work towards some workable models to address this. The government MUST be involved or humans will perish. I can go without a car and fancy travel that uses vast sums of fuel in a jet airplane and it means diddly. One car doesn’t cause global heating. Two billion cars does. We need real Ideas. Not pipe-dreams of a technological fix. It’s not happening. The means exist now. It will require a complete realignment of industrialization. It will require sacrifices from all. Billionaires and peons alike. It can be done. Will it be done in time though? That is part of ‘The Question’. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”