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Yep, I just finished putting my supplies in the fridge and larder. After yesterday’s revelations on political appointments and nominations I just seem to be agape as the reason why I even care at this point. I’m a news hound and have been my whole life, it’s as simple as that. I like to know my environment so I won’t be misled by bullshit from someone claiming to know everything. I know no one does. And the older I get the less that I do know. Kinda like ol’ Socrates buddy. I do like to gripe and complain, not that it will matter in the end. So I’m sorta tired as usual on shopping day.

This is still the biggest threat facing humankind for future generations yet to come. Assuming nuclear annihilation doesn’t happen first in which case it will end in a few decades at best as nuclear winter kills all the crops as happened to the poor dinosaurs 65+ million years ago. This must be a dirty word because it’s been watered down to climate change. Climate is always changing. Global warming is forcing ever greater anomalies in climate patterns as the world heats from fossil fuel burning and crop growing processes.(unnatural processes, using fertilizers and various chemicals for increased yields) The US land will be too saline to grow crops in a few hundred more years at present rates. This is one area I’m not very clear on.

Oceans are heating which causes ever more rapid melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps. They are big and thick and will still take a long time to melt but lately they’re melting for more rapid than even thought possible 15 years ago. Same with the frozen permafrost in the tundra. As they thaw they have incredible amounts of methane frozen within the various structures. In Russia there are very apparent large hole opening up and releasing methane in the process. Same with Canada.

Yesterday I was watching a video of the fires in California. They are still very much burning. The news cycle has moved on. Not so with the fires. I didn’t have a feed this fall for the fires that usually hit Russia so I’m not clear on how bad their fire season was this year, A few years ago there was a fire in Siberia almost as big as Texas. That’s a big damn fire by any standards. My state of New Mexico had some fires but they weren’t so bad this year. But like the Terminator, ‘they’ll be back’.

Droughts will increase as global warming exacts its toll on all living systems. crops will be scarce in various places around the world forcing mass migration as people look to keep from starving. It will get worse. No one can predict were the new normal will subside but where we are now will be a fond memory in the near future. If sea levels rise just two feet by 2100, Miami will be under water along with New Orleans and other coastal cities not preparing for the sea rise. I read it’s already at about at 8'’ as of now. High tides can flood parts of Miami. I like watching “Burn Notice’ to see how many big buildings are a few feet above the sea.(Amazon now) Gabrielle Anwar is one of the best looking women in the world, another reason I like the show. I digress.

Oceans are facing the double whammy of heating and increasing toxicity as chemicals by the millions of tons are washed into ocean systems. Plastic is now ubiquitous. There are no parts of the oceans without plastic. as It breaks down micro-beads from which destroy ocean wildlife and their ability to digest healthy food. It clogs the insides of whales, turtles, fish, and birds. There’s an island of plastic in the Pacific that’s as big as two Texas’s. That’s fucking huge. There are some efforts to find ways to clean to up. The lowly bacterium may be the answer, something that digests plastic. They have them that digest oil from big oil spills.

The toxins washed into seas from runoff of crop growing is acidifying the PH of the oceans. Too much acid and clams, oysters and corals can’t grow shells, they dissolve. Try it with putting a sea shell in vinegar. It will dissolve. Coca Cola won’t, vinegar will. That’s happening all over the world. The toxins from Asia mix and combine with the waters and threaten the whole system. Same with the runoff from North America. Coral reefs are especially threatened these days. 30% of ocean life depends on coral reefs.

I wish I could shake some sense into the political leaders. Grow the fuck up and face the fact that life can’t continue as it these day. The sooner actions start the better. Perhaps a 2–2.2C rise can be met, much less is out of the question these days. Start yourself. If you can’t park your car one day a week, ride share, plan trips for greatest efficiency, not fly the air for travel, get locals to invest in mass transportation, etc, then there’s no will to change. That’s what’s required, real change, today, now. There’s no magic cure of carbon capture or other pipe-dream.

I’m tired and will leave it there for now. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

P.S. Sunday Funnies tomorrow.

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”