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How NBC’s Meet the Press Changed Direction

I didn’t write yesterday about this new direction but it’s time now to realize how profound this change of tack really is. Chuck Todd started off by stating there is no debate about global warming, the science is settled. Not a direct quote, but just as good as what he stated. The whole show was about the status of climate change and how it’s affecting many areas of American life.

This is actually an amazing new dimension of network TV. The energy companies have hired the best PR firms starting in the late 70’s to spread lies and disinformation to start “controversy”. Of course there’s no controversy. I learned this in the early 70’s as I finished high school in ’72. My biology II class took an overnight field trip to Chaco Canyon and toured the Four Corners coal fired power plant. My first year college biology class also talked about how life was being affected by global warming.

That’s my burning question. People of my age group within about a ten year span were taught this in school. Did the energy giants change curricula? Did they subvert education thus spelling the doom of humankind? Even now the energy giants along with the govt lackeys are full steam ahead with no restraints on fossil fuel extraction and burning.

Just a look at the ads for cars around the Christmas holidays show giant gas guzzling behemoth trucks and big luxury autos. Exactly when are all people going to realize there’s no magic technological solution to keep going as is. It’s time to scale back activity that burns excess fossil fuels. Electric energy production is only around 35% of GHG production. Farming, military, autos, and commerce uses more energy than reasonably sustainable.

This was the emphasis of most of the discussions on Meet the Press. The panel members had various ways to give some real solutions that could be implemented immediately. I have seen more actions at local and some state’s level of action to reduce the carbon footprint of various ways to curb emissions. Bravo! Even my city of Albuquerque has some buses that use natural gas(methane) rather than diesel fuel. Still though we need far more govt intervention to restrict certain excesses. How about turning of half the lights at night? From the ISS Earth looks like a Christmas tree lit up at night.

Fires have devastated vast areas of California this year. A whole town was burned to the ground this year. The people were left with nothing but memories. My heart goes out to them. Trump seemed to blame the forest service. No, it’s too much fossil fuel burning that has shifted climate patterns and left California drier than ever recorded. Land is sinking there from all the aquifer drilling and pumping of water to grow crops in some of the richest soil in America. Something has to give or the entire Southwest will be like the Mojave Desert. Lake Mead is emptier than any time since it was being filled. I could go on an’ on, but won’t.

When will the govt pull its proverbial head out of its ass and start regulating basically everything destructive to the environment? Start with the military complex. Then energy giants. Then agriculture. Autos, air travel, etc. Tell folks to conserve. They did it during the war and this is ten times worse than WW II ever was. Humankind and the world as we know it demands immediate action.

At least one network(NBC) took off the blinders and let loose. Time for ALL networks to STOP LYING about this, especially fucking Fox News. Screw the Koch’s agenda of ravenous plunder. I know networks need sponsors but really, we need some truth too. I’ve read well over a dozen books on this published all this century just to catch up. We are about 50 years ahead of the predictions of the 70’s when I first studied ecology and global warming. I wanted to see what the “controversy” was. Of course there isn’t. It’s the big PR firms that stirred the pot of stew with lies and disinformation. No more lies! Are you networks listening?…

OK, enough doomy dire ecology for now. I want to wish all my readers a most wonderful and fulfilling New Year. ‘Till then, Peace and Cheers, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”