“Or world is being swallowed by industrial civilization. No one, or, at least most people, seems to care at all that we are at the end times. There’s no sense of urgency as to how bad our very existence is teetering on the brink of oblivion. Maybe it’s better that way. The blind, ignorant fools, leading the blind. Because once one sees entire the scope of the problem it can’t be unseen. And I’ve seen way too much.” J Allen


A sense of despair has befallen me. It’s hard to not want to escape entirely, like with loads of vodka, or watch silly TV snows that show the absurdity of where this culture has devolved to. No, maybe not that. Binge watch “The Mentalist”, or “Criminal Minds” for the second time, that could be in the cards. I’d rather read. However most, or quite a bit, of what I read doesn’t contain any good messages. How this escapes the press astounds me. Willful ignorance(by them) and a dumbed-down audience. I happened on “The Masked Dancer” the other night and was dumbstruck by the stupidity and absurdity of the crap posing as a TV show. Something like the naked dancer, or the real dancer, makes more sense. I do like good modern dance. “So You Think You Can Dance”, the TV show, has its merits, like the actual dancing. The other night was more like Disneyland transported to Mardi Gras with a big dose of acid for the chuckles. Ahhhhh…

2020 is now officially the hottest year on record. Eclipsing 2016 by a fraction. Or, in other terms, the last five consecutive years have been the hottest ever recorded in human history. With no end in sight for over a millennia at least. Get ready for the slow boil, until it goes fast. One last final tipping point to the end of the world.

I see no saving things. A new administration won’t do what’s needed. Besides all we can do is go into a hospice mode. That would be best for Earth and humans too. Like, for instance, no more babies. Or no new gas guzzling, motorized behemoths, Escalades, for example; that show status of bourgeois affluence. No new motorized play-things that tear up forests or deserts, and leave trails of dead dirt in their wake. The list is endless.

Something else goes with collapsing civilizations. As they collapse they paradoxically do more of what got them there in the first place. On Easter Island they carved more stone heads. The Anasazi cut down more forests thereby changing their local climate irrevocably to a dryer one that exists to this day. At least they could migrate somewhere else. We won’t have that luxury. And the stupid ecological nightmare of the US southern border wall won’t stop starving Latinos from coming north as their crops dry up from droughts from the intense heat that’s coming.

Our culture wants to produce and consume more. The exact opposite of what’s needed. Explain to me why some bourgeois fool needs three, or more, homes. There are materials, resources really, used in producing these extra luxuries. Any number of items can be included on this list. New smartphones, kitchen gadgets, I found knives worked well for most situations. (I was a career professional cook) Lots of things in which the “newest” model offered the world. No, it is murdering the world. Because for capitalism to work requires growth. No growth, stagnation, recession, or depression; what we’re headed into now I believe.

I want my few readers to stay smart and stay safe. Turmoil is drifting in the air above. The Capitol is so militarized as to be silly. Ol’ Sleepyhead will take the throne in a few days. Yawn…He won’t change enough items to really do much good. He may stop some of the land sells by the Trump administration thereby preserving some aspect of nature. But the die is cast already and it’s full of toxins. Something rarely mentioned by even the scientists writing about global warming forced climate change.

We are drowning in a toxic soup. The astronomical amount of trash we produce is mind numbing. As a single man I produce way more that I should. Plastic, cardboard, news flyers in the mail, it all adds up. Even the real paper books I own most likely will end up in a landfill long after I’m gone. One of my few indulgences. Then industrial and nuclear waste pose an ever greater problem. Where to put it? No matter where it’s moved to it still exists. Created messes with unsolvable problems. The story of industrial civilization.

So I want to leave with a nice video from a woman reading from her book — which, by the way, I couldn’t find — . It’s a powerful message about our murderous culture. From a female perspective. Lastly, be kind and stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy : \/

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”