“The transgression or rupture of the conventional order produces monsters and monstrosities.” Jean Clair~Hubris~In French

Of Monsters and Mere Mortals

Today I’m going to go off a bit on a tangent and link two wildly disparate items to show what kind of monstrosities we have in the highest executive chair — the Presidency. Yes monsters. One is a past president and his nasty wife, and the other is none other than Donald Trump whose reckless killing of foreign officials may have started a huge war, maybe even the biggest ever. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed on the other side when they showed great restraint and showed just how well they could defend themselves by a limited attack on US bases in Iraq with some casualties but no deaths of Americans.

War Avoided?

Back in January our bone-headed president allowed an attack to occur that took out an Iranian general and an Iraqi high official by a drone strike killing them and others in their entourage on Iraqi soil. Yes, an illegal killing that is an act of war that could have started a real war with Iran. Cooler heads prevailed with the Iranians by showing great restraint by not actually killing US personnel stationed in Iraq. They launched missiles with great precision striking US military bases in Iraq. They were warned first thus reducing causalities. The results of these strikes were played down on the MSM reports. I firmly believe that Iran has the capability to destroy their enemies in the Middle East if they wanted to. I’ve also noticed the almost complete silence in the MSM since the attacks were made public as to rhetoric against those dastardly Iranians. In essence there was a staring contest and the US blinked. A war was avoided.

A Wrap

So the start of the ‘20’s may be just as roaring as the iconic ‘20’s of the last century was right before the big crash of ’29. Will history repeat itself? We have the full force of spectacle 21st century style with the election in the fall. We have the impeachment debacle that will fizzle worse than the spectacular Mueller investigations. Want Trump out? Run Bernie, he’ll win in a landslide. Biden is a sure bet to lose. As long as these ridiculous tussles between different factions of our ruling classes are allowed by ‘the people’ of the US and the following of their ‘grand narrative’ by the masses to keep them in the dark as to the actual workings of the government and big business, we’ll continue to get the likes of Trump and co. So…wake the fuck up folks!! I’m guessing my readers are already ‘woke’, but you get my drift anyway.

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”