“Evidently life on earth without a charter becomes for the ‘best’ man a horrible nightmare and an intolerable torment.” Lev Shestov~Essays

Lost~Or a Nightmare

The torment will continue as another $4.25B in SNAP(food stamps) cuts are proposed over the next five years. So the poorest of the poor are subsidizing weapons production for a military that’s gone completely mad. The recent $70B increase in ‘defense’ spending could end homelessness and hunger here in the US. Charter? Sure, the wealthy screw everyone below the 90% pay scale, charter. The US charter is now geared completely for the wealthy. The New Deal singed by FDR in ’33 is now null and void. The one short period in US history where people were on a more even scale with the capitalists. A new, or neo-libereralism has since replaced some semblance of social equality. The democrats of the past have been replaced with corporate stooges, bribed by big donors to do their bidding, not ours. There’s no other reason we have never had universal healthcare other than the corporate profit vampires saying this is how it is. The govt has become feckless, no balls, no grit to do for us what we elect them for. They allow lobbyists to dictate there voting on various bills. Think tanks are used for input on foreign policy to support the war machine. Gone are the days of anti-war protests, or if there are risings in the streets as in the Iraq debacle, they are ignored. I could go on forever on this. A nightmare of perpetual torment, dystopia.

Another Absurd Spectacle

I’ve written on this nonsense before. If Bush II wasn’t impeached for lying us into a war that killed millions and cost trillions, and Trump gets brought up on a fucking phone call that amounted to nothing. NOTHING!! Clinton for a blow job, nothing. War, no fucking way, pass Go, collect $200. Ukraine got their weapons that the warrior Obama never authorized anyway. Biden needs investigating. He was/is corrupt as sure as I can still breathe, with difficulty these days.


Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”