“Horrors abound. Everywhere these days there are profound changes taking place; in our atmosphere, our economic system as it nears collapse, and, of course, the election farce as it plays out in spectacular fashion on TV’s everywhere. In my lifetime I’ve never seen things on the edge of oblivion as they are these days. So hang on folks, 2020 is just a small taste for things yet to come.” J Allen

Climate Destabilization

This weekend we’ve just seen the biggest tropical typhoon ever, Goni, take landfall over the Philippines. Clocking in at about a 195 MPH it staggers the mind as to how powerful this storm was. the winds at this speed basically levels everything in its path. A few metal poles well anchored in concrete is all that will be left standing. A lot of tornadoes don’t have that type of wind speed. The Gulf Coast of the US has been plagued with multiple hurricanes this season with a month left to go.

Also trending are the wildfires out west. Colorado’s are still ablaze but due to snowfall last week they haven’t expanded any. Maybe the wetter weather will allow crews to continue to contain the destructive blazes. The horrific California fires seems to be contained as far as I can tell from the news I looked at. The devastation though, will linger. Lots of structures were burned to the ground. There are many other locales out west with similar grim results from massive fires this year.

The causes for all of these increasingly horrific disasters is the climate destabilization from ever increasing heat energy from global warming by the burning of fossil fuels. Humans are simply overloading the sinks, the storage capacity, of Earth’s natural ability to absorb excess CO2. Forests are being burned and cut down for all sorts of industrial activity. Oceans are being acidified by excess absorption of CO2. They are being heated too, because the ice caps are melting allowing more Sunlight energy to be absorbed by dark waters instead of being reflected by white ice.

What’s sad is I see no way out of the ever increasing destabilization of the climate in any human scale time frame. We will have these warmer times for hundreds of years, at least. The time for real action that might have made a difference is long past. The 1970’s at the latest from my estimates and that would have included worldwide population control of some sort. The world population has more than doubled since I graduated high school in 1972. Less than 50 years ago.

Other Forms

Another horror facing us is tomorrow’s election blow out. In ’16 I bought a bunch of vodka and stayed wasted for a few days. When I came ‘round I didn’t know who won but I did know I wouldn’t like the answer. I had a day of mourning set aside for whoever won as I couldn’t stand either of those horrid choices. This year I’m just sitting it out. The choices get more horrible every time. I just don’t care. Neither one has any idea as to what’s coming and would be powerless to do anything about it. The collapse of industrial civilization will happen regardless. There are countless novels and movies dealing with post-apocalypse times. I bet they are all wrong to some extent or other. They are fun to read or watch in film form though.

Decent Horror Movies

Over the past month or so I listed horror movies I’ve enjoyed and considered good. I’ve watched a shitload more so you won’t have to to find the hidden gems. They are few and far between.

There was one standout that was on Netflix that I never watched. “The Taking of Deborah Logan”, now on Amazon. One will never view Alzheimer’s disease the same after seeing this. Stay with it because it starts out as a documentary on Alzheimer’s. It just gets creepier as it goes along. Well worth watching.

Another hidden gem also on Amazon is “Isolation”. One will never look at cows again in the same unassuming fashion. Wickedly sinister as an experiment goes awry. I watch a bunch of these movies in the off chance I find a good one, Isolation is one such film. Some others worth mentioning is a horror dark comedy called “Teeth”, Amazon. Stick with is as it appears to be a Churchy affair from the start. It’s not, it just appears that way at the start with a ‘promise ring’ and some preachy talks early on. Stick with it, a nice foray into dark, not black, humor.

Then I rewatched one of my faves again. “Ginger Snaps”, IMDb on Amazon. The trials of coming of age, sisterhood, and high school, all while a ‘monster’ is terrorizing the suburb’s dogs. The sisters are well played and bad things happen to them and others as well. There are two sequels as well but the first I think is the best, from Canada. Also, but not quite a horror movie but a brutal revenge gem is from Australia, “The Horseman”, IMDb on Amazon. Revenge the going term. The violence is the “I Spit on Your Grave” level of intensity. Gritty.

Not to leave Netflix in the cold but there were only two newer films I’d recommend. “1 BR”, a nasty little surprise for our plucky protagonist. I don’t ever want to be in an apartment complex such as that. “#Alive” an entry from South Korea, dubbed, with subtitles. A fresh take on the stale zombie genre. A young man gets isolated in his apartment while the end of the world is going on all around him. Worth a view.

Two other mentions are “Spring”, IMDb on Amazon. A different kind of horror film somewhat unique in that I can’t recall seeing anything like it. And another “Starry Eyes”, Amazon. what an actress has to do the get cast in a film. I did rewatch “The Cabin in the Woods”, Amazon. It still holds up as a disturbing blend of horror, Lovecraftian otherness, and buckets of gore, good horror fun for all.

I won’t list all the crap films I watched because they weren’t worth the paper or time to write them down. And I know Halloween was Saturday but I have been quite tired of late. But I’m going back to my usual way to watch films, what strikes my fancy from my watch-queue lists.

The End

We have horror everywhere. Real horror is real disturbing. As in US politics and foreign policy. I prefer the fake horror on film, a good scare to get goosebumps. Not the real of burning forests, melting ice caps, or foolish imbeciles running for president. We are in deep decay and getting deeper. So bewares of the times to come, there doesn’t seem to be much good except the good you make yourselves. Be kind to your fellow sufferer and maybe they’ll be kind in return. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”