Monday: Whoops, Tuesday

“Nowadays more and more and more people, especially those who live in large cities, suffer from a terrible emptiness and boredom, as if waiting for something that never arrives.” M.-L. von Franz

Disquiet — Edited Later

As a pessimist some days I see so many things wrong in the world, especially from the worthless politicians we elect to supposedly represent us, so much so that I can’t zero in on a specific topic. Such is today. The GOP Senate led by Ted Cruz is posturing to get another tax break by manipulation of inflationary numbers on capital gains. Since I don’t understand high finance I’ll leave it at that. The vampires are at it again, sucking what little accumulated capital is left in the higher middle classes financial accounts to funnel upwards into higher and higher percentiles of the wealthiest of peoples. Another economic collapse will certainly occur and this one will be big. The emptiness of the top tier knows only one way to fight boredom which is to become vampires that can act in the daylight also.

Global Poisoning/Warming

People are still being lied to by corporate(MSM) media about the state of the planet being murdered from all the industrial processes, the military, global commerce, air traffic, industrial crop growing, etc. They report on specific instances of say, a storm or a flood somewhere but won’t get to the causal factors that account for the rise in floods, fires, or more severe storms. They softened up global warming to “climate change” a number of years ago. Even in the 90’s it was, and still is, global warming. The events are certainly real. The causes are there but when they say climate change it softens so that any climactic event is just climate change. A subtle distinction but there nonetheless. Don’t be fooled. It’s here and it’s very real and it will only get worse for at least a century, maybe longer. CO2 hangs around for a long time. So does radioactive waste. So do the heavy metals from coal ash.


Besides the relentless propaganda that blames Russia for everything from election meddling to the wart on your toe our mental health is continuing to deteriorate. It’s all causal from our inability to get action from leaders that might actually help to saving us from the worst ravages of impending collapse. Dmitry Orlov has a book called “The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors Toolkit.” This is what I see as happening in the near future. He talks about the collapse of the Soviet Union. It happened rapidly. It didn’t reach stage five. It only went to stage three and it was bad for all those under the Soviet regime. Mental health got worse than it already was. American’s mental health continues to worsen as the lower 60% keeps getting screwed over by the oligarchs controlling the govt. The; .00%.

A Book

I read philosophy. It opens my eyes to see things(objects) from various perspectives. It’s a more nuanced way to see the Real. I started reading, “The Conspiracy Against the Human Race”, by Thomas Ligotti yesterday. A bleak way to see things. He’s found a few, even more pessimistic philosophers than I have. It’s his one work of non fiction. It’s quite fascinating to see the rise of pessimism as capitalism becomes firmly entrenched as they(the capitalists) take over the world. A theme with no end until a collapse forces its hand, so to speak.


I’ll end it here so I can devote more time to reading. There’s always lots of shit to gripe about. I’m turning into a caricature of Andy Rooney. I do like to gripe about things. The main difference is I leave out the minutia and concentrate on the Real and the macro events that shape our reality. I’m reminded of a saying as I conclude today’s screed. “A depressed person sees the world as it is, a cheerful person sees the world as they wish it was”, in a delusion of sorts. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”