Monday: Whoops, Tuesday

“Nowadays more and more and more people, especially those who live in large cities, suffer from a terrible emptiness and boredom, as if waiting for something that never arrives.” M.-L. von Franz

Disquiet — Edited Later

Global Poisoning/Warming

The fires burning around the world continue. The coal ash still accumulates. There have been several cyclonic events(hurricanes in American terminology) that have laid waste to Africa and left thousands without ways to get food or help. I will still continue to harp on this because it is real and getting worse. Droughts are the main events that have affected the state where I live; New Mexico. Oh yes, we’ve had some pretty terrible fires this century. This year hasn’t been bad but we had the wettest winter and spring in decades.


The other aspect is the deteriorating state of Earth herself. The ones that have understood for a long time(like some in my generation) that industrial capitalism will destroy things as they were have mental issues also. Different causal factor; same mental affects arise from either financial, climactic, ecological outlooks, or outright depression. I found an interesting article on Carolyn Baker’s site from Truthout about mental issues, link below.

There was another shooting as certain hates seem to be infused with the far right ideologies of the president and his racist underpinnings which emboldens some to commit unspeakable acts. More dystopia from the emptiness of living under capitalism’s weight of what amounts to no security in the now because a job is vital to survive off the streets. For example my paltry Social Security, which I paid taxes for, just gives me enough to live somewhat comfortably. If I hadn’t spent my “nest egg’ in the 90’s on self indulgence, it instead would have been used for medical bills because we have no real universal healthcare here in the US. You either have to have a good job with good insurance or be dirt poor to get adequate medical help. I’m dirt poor so as long as I pay some co-pays I can get by. I had a big bill a few years ago of over $1,700 that I told the collector I wouldn’t pay because they can’t come after Social Security. Emptiness, dystopia, alienation, they all describe the American experience of the lower classes.{I screwed up the edit below, sorry.}(last paragraph)

A Book


I’ll end it here so I can devote more time to reading. There’s always lots of shit to gripe about. I’m turning into a caricature of Andy Rooney. I do like to gripe about things. The main difference is I leave out the minutia and concentrate on the Real and the macro events that shape our reality. I’m reminded of a saying as I conclude today’s screed. “A depressed person sees the world as it is, a cheerful person sees the world as they wish it was”, in a delusion of sorts. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”