I've often said that you can bet your bottom dollar that if the US govt is blaming another state on whatever nefarious infraction, they are doing the same with only more zeal and perseverance. Psychologists call this projection. I call it mirroring. Or, just another way to deflect blame away from the source.

Like all the terror attacks on US forces in, lately, the Middle East. If the soldiers or US personnel weren't 'over there' they wouldn't be there to get blown up by terrorist attacks. So simple a child could figure it out, eh? Stay home and put the terrorists out of business, wow!

I've been reading how each new generation is less able to ascertain fact from fantasy. Seems the wizards that develop video games and selfie sticks are the only ones doing a bang up job these days. Well, the weapons makers seem to be holding their own as well. Peace, The Ol' Hippy

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