“We are losing polar arctic ice at an alarming rate. Once the sea ice is gone during the summer months Earth will increase the heating of the ocean immeasurably. The atmosphere will also heat at rates and levels to be determined at that time. Needless to say, this has never happened during the three plus million years of hominid evolution. What’s about to happen is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be good. It may trigger the 6th Mass Extinction Event to exterminate most of life as we know it. Sorry folks the human party is almost over, so make the best of it.” John Allen

North Pole

Look at the photo of the Polar Bear swimming. They are really good swimmers in that they swim from ice floe to ice floe in search of food, primarily arctic seals. There is now so little ice left that Polar Bears are threatened with extinction. I think they should be on the WWF emblem rather than the Panda Bear. Both are in a losing battle of habitat loss. Human encroachment and industrial civilization is the main cause of this habitat loss. It’s irreplaceable, once gone, so goes the animals. And us.

We share Earth with our fellow non-human people, the best way to think about our fellow creatures. And mostly, almost exclusively, really, humans haven’t cared about other creatures. They have exterminated wolves, bears, passenger pigeons, large and small cats, all because they also feed on meats that we like. Or for stupid trophy heads and skins to decorate bourgeois dwellings. Or fur coats which can be be replaced entirely with industrial man- made items. The biggest problem has be human expansionism, unrestrained population growth, and greed. And as I write this another 50,000 lives have be born to feed on what can only be said as the future.

The future is here, now. The climate instability is irreversible, global warming is irreversible, and the poisoning of our own environment by waste and toxins are reaching a breaking point. With no end in sight.

So I’m going to leave link to a SciTechDaly article on arctic sea ice. I’m still getting over my leg infection. Kindness is a way of life to fellow humans and non-human people, all the species of plants and animals we share Earth with. Take care of what’s remaining. Stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy link \/


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