A Few Links About Cops

I’m not a fan of the cops. They hassled me mercilessly back in the 70’s when having long hair made me a prime target for a ‘hassle’ stop. 99% of my tickets back then weren’t moving violations. I had one speeding ticket, and yep, I was speeding on my motorcycle. They exist to protect the rich, the wealthy, and their property. What we’re seeing today is nothing new. The modern technology has allowed us to see behind the curtain usually covered up by the police culture of protecting their own. Cameras are now everywhere. I even have cameras on my Fire tablets. No cell phone though as I rarely go out.

So the protests touched off by folks seeing a cop murder George Floyd, on a viral video, indicates that Americans have had enough of police violence against, especially, people of color along with the rest of people that are tired of cop’s bad behavior and maybe getting killed along the way. So we have riots stemming out of peaceful protests to get someone to take notice and do something. Whether they enact measures to rein the cops in is an iffy proposition at best. They’re doing the same things today that they were doing back in the 60’s with civil rights and anti-’Nam protests. Demonstrators were being killed, by cops, feds, and National Guard personnel. Cracking skulls must be part of the ‘secret’ part of the job application.

So I’m leaving a few links for those interested in a deeper investigation of the cops being bad phenomena. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy


And Finally: a Must View from Abby Martin

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