“I’m watching the county come apart at the seams.” J Allen

Cracks in the System

These are turbulent times. I haven’t seen this much unrest since the 60’s when riots were breaking out all over the country. Demonstrations easily escalated into full blown riots usually started by the cops as they started cracking skulls or beat people with their billy clubs. It seems Minnesota is the primary target over the last week as the video of the cop murdering George Floyd, in real time, came to light. Apparently he(the cop) was finally arrested today. The stress of the continuing COVID-19(henceforth, the c-virus) pandemic has escalated tensions that were bubbling just under the surface of American society. I reckon things will continue to devolve as time goes on. That is, the pandemic is just in its first iteration, with perhaps, many more waves to follow. It won’t magically disappear as has been suggested by Trump.

Cops Gone Wild

Yes folks, just like when the girls were going wild a few years ago on video the cops — that apparently have seen the ‘girls going wild’ videos — decided to join in the fun. Murder, riot escalation, and general mayhem, are all the rage these days. While they are being screwed, along with all other lower 90% of us, they have to let off some steam. Cracking heads on the protesters are as good of place as any to start. I came across several items that I’ll leave links to. Jimmy Dore is spot on about cops. Back in the day I’ve been hassled by cops many times. Back then long hair gave them license to hassle, or worse. I did get roughed up once. But my skull was still intact. Now its far more lively. Nothing like a c-virus pandemic and economic misery to get folks on edge, especially cops. Anxiety pervades America. A very real dystopia.

Hang In There

I just want my readers to hang tough and to ‘stay safe’. I may talk about the ‘heist’ in the future. There now is the biggest deficit in US history and it’s only May. The Fed has over $7 trillion out in loans with flimsy evidence(junk bonds, etc, as backing the loans) that it will ever be paid back. That’s just the Fed. The US budget isn’t over yet. The fiscal year began last Oct 1st 2019, and ends Sept 30th in 2020. So more mirth and merriment is surely still to come. The cops now are going to determine the level of violence in future events. So please take time to view the videos. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

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