“Imagine that you’re in a very fast, high-performance car, with no limit on your speed. Now step on the gas and, as they say, “punch it”, and zroom! as your head hits the headrest as you speed away. However the super fast car has no limiter on its speed, or brakes. Your head stays hard back at the headrest forever, as you car accelerates past the stratosphere into space, now you get to wondering what’s up as you zoom past Jupiter, your head still hard at the headrest, all because your mechanic forgot to install a limiter or brakes. You go on forever, head still firm against the headrest. This is what’s happening to Earth, ever increasing acceleration with no limiter or brakes except we are the ones that forgot the limiter or the brakes. No limit on population or brakes on industrialization. We are headed toward…well, I’m not exactly sure, but it isn’t good. And it certainly isn’t toward Jupiter.” J Allen

No Brakes


The question we face today is how to slow this ever accelerating rocket ship of climate change catastrophe. I’m not sure we can because it’s already irreversible. We can certainly mitigate it and and maybe survive as a species but the actions required are beyond any of the world leader’s grasp because ultimately they are under the thumbs of the industrial capitalists and bankers. There I said it, they are Earth’s and our enemies. Billionaires should be despised instead of revered as on TV and other media. They are the problem and, contrary to what they may have you believe, are certainly not the solution.

The acceleration is the number one problem we face. It’s a multi-faceted problem too. One is overpopulation; that is driving all the other human capitalist systems into overdrive just to keep up. Last year showed what just a minor hiccup could cause. It’s still not back to, nor will it ever be back to the normal of January, 2020. I know the Disneyland TV channels are heavily swaying the narratives as the *vaccine* gets distributed more broadly.

This morning on The Today Show, the women were all abuzz about getting the *vaccine* very soon. They will show it on TV so we all know it’s safe and effective. However on the same show there were reports that there may be needed a third booster shot in maybe a year. It’s a coronavirus!(c-virus) They mutate like crazy. The common cold is a c-virus and they’ve never been even close to getting a *vaccine* for the lousy cold.

I’ve turned the *vaccine*down now on numerous occasions. My primary care provider is a CNP(certified nurse practitioner) and she is the only medical provider I’ve seen — and I’ve seen two others that thought I was crazy for refusing the *vaccine* — and she knew my concerns were well justified. The lowest rung on providers and she’s aware of the potential harm of a one barreled approach to a potentially multi barreled disease. One’s immune system functions very well on its own except for constant diseases that don’t mutate and are quite lethal without a proven vaccine. Like polio or small pox. I had both of those vaccines. Both of those diseases have basically been eradicated from the western world, maybe beyond. I don’t believe they even give either of those vaccines any more in the US. That’s how effective they were.

More on the *vaccine* as time progresses. Please note the two versions of the *vaccine* and vaccines.


Unsplash~Artist Unknown

Ol’ soured coleslaw for brains, Joe’s been hard at it, rattling sabers at the the two biggest nuclear armed states in a giant game of, what?, chicken? With Blinken and Austin and Congress’ backing what could possibly go wrong? Maybe it won’t be a slow boils as I envision but a blinding flash as the world melts along with my eyeballs. And folks didn’t like Trump. I didn’t either but for different reasons. He wanted relations with the superpowers. Not overt hostilities as we have today. He caved early on to powers much greater than a TV star along with his own narcissistic desire to be adored by all. Sorta like Caligula without all the blood. Well, to give him credit his sanctions certainly killed many abroad along with multiple failures, his being primary, as the c-virus started exacting is deadly toll. Still is, for sure, but the *vaccine* might just save us all.

I firmly believe that’s why we got Ol’ Softy, he was already a war monger, he didn’t need coercion from, like, the CIA, bad press, urging him towards war, and various other schemes to rid him of his post. I mean two fucking impeachments! For a phone call leaked by the CIA and a…, well I forget what the second pointless one was about, except it was a waste all while Americans were, and still are, suffering from the c-virus pandemic.

As far as Afghanistan goes I’m betting a few cents, because that’s all I have, that even though troop withdrawals are announced there will still be covert shenanigans left in the troops wake. The opium is too valuable to be left to some other cartel to control. Sales worldwide fund tons of covert ops, run by CIA or NGA’s to do as much nasty shit as you care to dream up. To screw with those deemed to go against the Empire’s hegemony, as tensions mount against the two powers. That’s where the troops will be used. Count on it.

It’s high time to leave these beautiful people be. Yes there will be blood, but, hopefully, it won’t be on the US’s any longer, we’ve certainly spilled enough and one reason I’m not ‘proud to be an American’, I can’t forgive these egregious sins, for lack of a fitting secular term.(inhomogenous?) [I am an atheist]

Beautiful People

Afghan Children~Pixabay

A Wrap

Let’s wrap this acceleration up with some sort of slowing mechanism. On both fronts. 1st, stop with the fucking warring Ol’ Joe, buddy! We just don’t need the tensions I see being displayed. The anti-China and anti-Russian propaganda is so thick I could butter my toast with it. Go back to the Disneylanding of runaway consumerism, at least I won’t be vaporized. The Cold War years of the Reagan 80’s was terrifying enough for dozens of lifetimes. Let cancer or a heart attack get me instead of a quick flash, I’m serious. I don’t want a stroke as I’d be stuck in a place worse than hell, I was in a nursing home in ’08 for one week and I said never again. Cool the fuck down. Then we can work on slowing, there’s certainly no stopping this train now, on the climate disaster at ever accelerating rates. Two accelerating events is two too many. Ahhh…

What’s This?-Halt!


Yes, let’s all cool it a little and still enjoy a decent life as long as possible. I want this for the world because for all the psychopaths that are hell bent on murdering Earth, there are lots of beautiful people well worth saving. Just slow down on the breeding for a a while. Maybe humans will live, I do hope so. Remember, even as times may grow tougher to be as kind as you can but do protect you and yours’. Stay safe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”