“From a certain point onward, there is no turning back. That is the point that must be reached.” Franz Kafka

Be Ready

Well it’s here, the apocalypse, that is. Humans, namely the leaders of the humans at the behest of the capitalists, have wrought the unspeakable. The end of the world as we know it. It’s too late to avoid catastrophe. That should have been started back in the 1970’s. About the time of the oil crisis in 1973. That’s when the transfer to renewables and infrastructure supporting public transport to eliminate some of fossil fuel usage. Military needed to be scaled down back then, during the Cold War. But no, war and imperialism ruled the roost. And a few years hence consumerism ramped up to unsustainable levels. Now it’s too late to avert some sort of catastrophic collapse of ecosystems along with economies and coast lines around the world.


Last week we had a world wide Climate Strike. Led by 16 year old Greta Thunberg, whose activism has stirred the youths of the world, she drove home the urgency of some concrete actions so she could have a world worth living in. Of course nothing will be done, if it was action would have begun back in the ‘70’s. President Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House back in the late ‘70’s. He was aware back then. Reagan came along and tore the solar panels down. So there you have it. That’s what they think. Money and expansion now and damn the torpedoes. The energy corps have dominated policy since the first parts of the 20th century and they haven’t relinquished their stance. Europe has trains. The US has cars and today cars are big again. Deregulation has been the order of the day for the Trump administration.


I wish I could paint a rosier picture but as I say, I’m a pessimist. I’m skeptical of anything happening in time to avert a collapse. In fact it will happen. It’s built in right now and I’ve read several good books on the subject. Jared Diamond’s book, “Collapse”, is easily readable. I’ve read others too. I’ve read over two dozen books on global warming, environment, and studied ecology back in school in the early ‘70’s. Nothing has changed since I studied it back when. I thought I might be dead before the inevitable, but it’s here now and worsening every year. Texas has been flooded twice in the last few years from immense tropical storms. People are dying trying to migrate from droughts and wars. It will only get worse in the coming years.

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”