“From a certain point onward, there is no turning back. That is the point that must be reached.” Franz Kafka

Be Ready

Bleak, eh? Yeah, I know I’m a pessimist but a realist as well. I see the changes. I’m 65 and the environment along with climatic changes are noticeable to me. I’ve lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico since I was five. It used to be really cold in the winters. With the exception of the winter of 2011, February; winters are milder. March used to be cold. Not any more. A few years ago, 2013, we basically didn’t have a winter. There are flies here that appeared in the 2000’s that we never had before. I no longer hear cicadas in the summer. July of this year was the hottest month ever recorded world wide. I could go on and on. So yeah people are screwed and no leadership even acknowledges this very fact. They are still looking for more oil. By then we won’t need it. So quit already.


I keep seeing articles about technological fixes, such as carbon capture. These are pipe dreams. Business as usual won’t work. If say, tomorrow, all the CO2 emissions magically stopped, we’re still well on the way to 2C rise in temps. So it’s too late for a saving throw as in D&D. But what’s done in the next few years matters. It can avert total meltdown. It might save a few billion lives. I’ve seen reports of millions of lives lost; due to starvation, flooding, migration accidents, which, by the way are happening now, loss of arable land, etc. Again, I say billions. This is before next century!

I’m leaving a link from Counterpunch with a timely article.

The article by Mr Sale is as skeptical as I am as to any concrete action. It’s too late to avoid a collapse of some sort. How bad and how long are the only real questions remaining. Trump said the USA will never be socialist. I agree. Socialism occurs after the US Empire’s collapse. Capitalism must end to survive. Capitalism needs growth to work. So we live on a finite Earth and there’s no more room for growth and that includes human population. BTW Bernie Sanders plan is really only socialist democratic, framed still with capitalist underpinnings. He just wants some equitable provisions for regular folks; like Medicare for all, free higher education, etc. That’s all good for now but still not sustainable for long. A start in the right direction, nonetheless.


Lastly. My kitty, Isis is still doing OK. I’m doing all I can so her remaining days are as painless as possible. But when the time comes I’ll make that dreaded last trip to the vet and say good by. It hurts. She’s my only real friend even if she isn’t a people friend. That’s another reason why I write. Just in case someone else wants to read what I have to say. Usually I’m gripping about something, that’s my nature. But, as always, Peace, The Ol’ Sad Hippy

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”