Critic, Cynic, Satirist “We are all connected to the Universe and each other, whether we like it or not”.

Today I’m going to talk a bit on what humans are doing to everyone’s home, Earth and her children. There is no other place humans have to go, this is our home and as a collective species we’re trashing our home. We’re trashing our friends, the other fantastic species we are supposed to share resources with. Finally we’re threatening everyone’s very existence by continuing to mine and burn fossil fuels and minerals. Also by making toxins as by-products of industrial production. The threat is very real that without concerted meaningful policy changes human’s days are numbered.

First, there isn’t anywhere else humans have to go, there just isn’t. Colonizing Mars or the Moon just isn’t a viable option, at least in the time frame remaining. Besides, humans trashed Earth and they’ll trash any other place they happen to go, it’s what invasive species do. They trash things, they displace indigenous species, they strip resources away from the ecosystems they invade.

Humans supposedly have reasoning powers to make choices, to make new humans to further the species. I’ve seen none of that in my lifetime. I’ve seen what coal fired power plants do up close when my biology II class took an overnight field trip to the Four Corners Power Plant my senior year of ’72. There were trains bringing coal in from the Navajo reservation dumping a car at a time to big crushers feeding the beasts generating electricity. To top it off most of the power was sent to LA about 900 miles away on 920,000 volt large power lines. They crackled with so much juice, really, they were quite loud in electricity’s mad dance to La La land. Maybe lighting up the planet at night is not such a good idea after all. Pictures from the ISS shows Earth lit up in the nighttime shots the astronauts take. N Korea is one of the few places that’s dark, go figure.

Next is the heartbreaking trashing of our fellow Earthlings. We are amidst what some scientists call the sixth extinction. Elizabeth Kolbert has good poignant book with that title. The byproducts from human industrialization has rendered large areas uninhabitable by the normal life that once lived in those places. Forests are cut and burned to make room for growing cattle or palm oil trees. There’s countless lifeforms exterminated by this egregious practice without regard for the long term consequences. The rain forests are rapidly losing any ability to store the excess carbon poured into the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning. So is the ocean, the biggest storehouse of excess carbon.

The ocean supports countless species and with growing toxicity species are disappearing at an alarming rate. The coral reefs are dying from excess heat because they can’t adapt quick enough to survive. The reefs around the world are a bigger ecosystem than all of North and most of South America combined. People would take notice if all the trees in North America were to die in the next 30 years. That’s the plight of the ocean, it’s becoming too toxic to support life either by excess heat or toxins dumped without regard to other life. The oceans are full of plastic. Animals are so full of plastic that they die because their digestive tracts are clogged with plastic. It’s time for humans to wake up!

Everyone’s existence is threatened by the continuing industrialization of the planet. Air in a lot of places is un-breathable. The Chinese put a ban on motorized vehicles and coal fired plants for the Olympics. Brazil had to clean the crap out of the ocean for the boats and swimmers for their Olympics. No one wanted to crash their $million boat on large pieces of debris.These are things one can see. There are countless other substances we use but know nothing about. The US has over 7,000 chemicals and a small fraction has been tested for long term safety. The recent floods in Huston could have been far worse than they were, releasing toxins into thriving wetlands, the few left anyway.

I could go on but I hope my point is made for what humans are doing to Earth, our beautiful abundant home. We are laying waste to a beautiful place to live and a majority don’t seem to give a fuck as long as there’s profit to be gained. In the future, when the shining towers of human greed and vanity collapse into rubble because of entropy there will be no requiem, no one to cry tears, for there will be no one left at all. Earth though, patient, nurturing, will start another grand experiment in The Universe’s vast ever expanding wondrousness as one of it’s children. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy