“Humankind needs food to exist. We are reliant on crop production, industrial scale crop production, that is, to support almost 8 billion people. The heating of Earth through all the industrial practices has reached a point to where it may be too hot or too dry to grow crops. Once this tipping point, or what I call a turning point is reached, there will be NO turning back. It will be irreversible, just like our heated atmosphere from too much CO2 and methane(CH4). CO2 lasts centuries. …

“To live an entirely private life means above all to be deprived of the things essential to a truly human life; to be deprived of the reality that comes from being seen and heard by others, to be deprived of an “objective” relationship with them that comes from being related to and separated from them […],(and) of a common world of things, to be deprived of the possibility of achieving something more permanent than life itself.” Hanna Arendt~The Human Condition-1958

“He “consumes” ball games, moving pictures, newspapers and magazines, books, lectures, natural scenery, social gatherings, in the same alienated and…

I’m taking time off today to watch Sam — see video link below — and to read some more psychology in Erich Fromm’s, “The Sane Society”. I’m using two links instead of writing. One is Sam Mitchell’’s Collapse Chronicles, on YouTube. The other is the direct link to the scientific paper(rather long and difficult) that Sam talks about in his video. Take care all. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

The Above May Be My Pocket Link~Sorry~A clean link below. \/

Instead of spending money to train folks to go to devastated communities and work with actual people--expensive, I know--they would rather spend a lot of maney on robots. Because, ya know, they are so much better with dealing with human misery--no feelings, ya know. Ahhhh! The nightmares I read about in science fiction novels as a kid are coming true.

Yet, the poor homeless will still be homeless. And cops will still be killing unarmed citizens, the bigger majority, people of color. They really don't need robots, yet. Let me die 1st. Peace, The Ol' Hippy

“In an alienated society the mode in which the people express their will is not very different from that of their choice of buying commodities. […]…they think of political ideas and political leaders in the same terms.” Erich Fromm~The Sane Society-1955

“Our political leaders are a sclerotic bunch of obstreperous children. They don’t know what’s actually going on and act as if it’s all a game to them. Maybe it really is a game, a grand, cosmic, gotcha-type game, that we’re going to lose. I certainly don’t see any leaders acting as if they really care these days, or ever…

I must be slipping. I am paying less attention to politics of late with a blithering idiot in the "big chair" and his coterie of sycophantic 'yes' folks filling in for his, um, mental incompetence. I do know that when Jimmy Dore pushes someone's buttons he's usually right.

I was telling an associate the other day that comedians seem to have better news than "the news". I also include RT, and the small indie, crowdfunded, truth-tellers away from the narrative beastmasters of the corporate world.

Jimmy hasn't been de-platformed,(yet) a testament to his perseverance. As most other truth tellers on YouTube have been met with harsh consequences. Many of my older saved videos have been "disappeared"of late. Fascism by any other name. Peace, The Ol' Hippy

Treats, Along with a Dose of Dystopia

“How quickly all things disappear, — in the universe, the bodies themselves, but in time the remembrance of them.” Marcus Aurelius~Meditations

They fixed my cooler in my pad. It’s needed this time of year when it’s hot in Albuquerque. Which, this July, has been running a bit cooler and wetter than normal. So I suppose that rates as a treat. We definitely need the rainfall. It won’t end the decades long drought but it will help with this year’s crops.

Fires are still burning in at least ? many states. See map. \/

Source: GTAC

So we have some wildfires. The biggest…

Whistleblowers, the vast majority of them anyway, are usually screwed in the process. Their lives are never the same afterwords. Hence the reason tattletales in school are so derided.

I read a whole book on whistleblowers a few years ago, "Whistleblowers: Broken lives and Organizational Power", by Professor C. Fred Alford. He goes into various details as to what happens to various types of 'blowers'.

The government destroys their lives usually bankrupting them, corps blacklist them, there are really no protections contrary to popular belief. And HRC, the 'cunt'. I rarely use that word but HRC fits it to a tee.

Worse yet are political prisoners like Ed Snowden, exiled in Moscow, or Julian Assange rotting away in Belmarsh Prison in London. Yes, they are the examples to keep the others quiet. And rarely can we do a damn thing about it. Sad. peace, The Ol' Hippy

Busy Day


I’m busy today so I just want to put a spot of thought provoking questioning out in the blogosphere. I see where a lot of ecological writers are wanting governments to “do something”. Yeah, right. Just maybe, if “they” wanted to “do something”, perhaps, they would have started to “do something” 50+ years ago when there was some time left to accomplish some meaningful pulling back, to keep us from going over the brink of no return we are now facing? Well “they” didn’t, and it’s now irreversible. …

“Sometimes one gets a feeling, an uncanny shiver up my neck, a case of the ‘willies’, a premonition that things aren’t as stable as they seem. In my explorations on cosmic phenomena I’ve found that its fabric is somewhat porous, there are holes in reality that can’t be rationally explained or even rationalized. I just feel that’s something is amiss. I call it leakage.

“There are concrete signs like debt coming due — unpaid rent by millions will be dealt with exactly how? I have some unpaid medical bills as well, but I’ll work something out, it’s easy if you…

John Allen

Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”

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